Lip contour removal

How to achieve perfect lip contour removal 

Lip correction is not a difficult treatment with SKINIAL. It doesn’t take long either. Even more than with eyebrows, the predominantly female clients suffer a lot from their pigmentation.  

Many pigmented lip contours change your appearance over time and make the whole mouth area look unattractive. You can do the treatment with the FADING method or with the DOT method.  

Above: typical contours and color residues that often remain when lip colors fade because the larger black portion of the pigment color decomposes more slowly.  

The differences between the two techniques?  

With SKINIAL’s DOT technique*, you can usually completely remove contours in two treatments. Although the treatment is not very pleasant, as the area above the red of the lips is sensitive to pain, only two treatments are reasonable for almost everyone. The red of the lips itself cannot be treated with our method.  

Although we treat above the red of the lips, there can always be bleeding as the lips have more blood supply. When the crust has fallen off after about 1 week to 10 days, you will see the fresh pigment-free skin underneath. After the second treatment, the lip contour is usually removed. If re-pigmentation is desired after removal, please allow 4- 8 weeks rest from the last treatment.  

In principle, we are against anesthesia of the treatment site, but in this case a light superficial anesthesia is justifiable (e.g. with an EMLA ointment) and will hardly lead to delays in rejection.   

With the FADING technique** you can work much more precisely and filigree. Although more treatments are usually required here than with the DOT technique, there is also no heavy scabbing, which is normal and important for the DOT technique. Complete removal is possible with both techniques.  

Lightening, on the other hand, is less frequently requested by clients, because most clients want the color pigments completely removed, and as quickly as possible. 


Photo during a FADING treatment 


Another possible application for the removal of lip pigments is blackened or white upper lips that have resulted from chemical reactions after laser treatments because traces of titanium oxide were contained in the pigment colors. This cannot be seen before the laser treatment.  

Photo of an upper lip blackened by laser (if the lip turns white it is also called cappuccino lips).  

Side effects 

The lip area is particularly vulnerable to infections caused by external influences (dirt, food residues, sweat). It is therefore advisable to give the client a MEDICLEAN spray right at the beginning so that he can stop the treatment immediately at the first suspicion of an infectious treatment due to its high effectiveness and so that nothing stands in the way of perfect wound healing. When the treatment area is dry and closed, the client should apply the small bottle of SCAR CARE CREAM several times a day, which supports wound healing with its high content of active ingredients. Scarring is extremely rare on the face because healing is much better and faster than on the body. 

* You can learn the DOT technique in our PROFESSIONAL online training or from a SKINIAL trainer. 

** You can easily learn the FADING technique in our BASIC training online or with a trainer. 

> You find all information about the trainings here! 

3 Questions for our trainer

Silvia BRUMMER from Lower Bavaria (Germany) who has been working with SKINIAL since 2011. 


QUESTION 1: What should you pay special attention to when removing the lip contour?  

Silvia: I like to work with the DOTs because they give quick and clean results. However, the natural healing process is much longer in older skin, so I often tend to use the FADING technique there, especially if it’s spot corrections.  

QUESTION 2: What do you charge the client and how long does the treatment last? 

Silvia: A treatment usually lasts an hour and costs 200 euros. After the welcome, I go through the consent form with the client and some aspects also need to be discussed in more detail. The treatment lasts about 20-30 minutes. At the end, I explain the aftercare rules to the client. I always make the next appointment right away, which can always be changed.    

QUESTION 3: Is sensitivity to pain an issue with the lips?  

Silvia: Most people find it much less unpleasant than pigmentation. Of course, there are always clients who are particularly sensitive to pain, for whom I apply a little EMLA cream.  

 Classic lip contours can be completely removed.  


A clean result even with chapped lips and blotchy old pigmentation.  


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