Tattoo removal training online and with trainer



At SKINIAL you will learn to lighten tattoos but also remove pigmentation in a single treatment.   

You will start with the BASIC training, which will familiarise you with all the important basics of tattoo removal. You will learn the safe FADING technique, which allows you to achieve immediate visible results in tattoo and PMU removal.   

If you also want to learn the challenging DOT technique, the PROFESSIONAL TRAINING provides you with comprehensive knowledge and skills to solve even the most stubborn removal problems.   

Below you will find an overview of our training courses. Clicking on the selection will take you to more detailed information about the training in question.  

We offer our training courses "online" and, depending on the region, also "with trainer". If you prefer a training with trainer, please check first if and where a trainer is available in your area. 

Why we work with two methods

In this video we explain why tattoo removal is more complex than many realize and explain our two techniques. 

The circumstances for a tattoo or PMU correction or removal are different for each client. The pigmentations can be old, young, colourful, single-coloured, dots or lines, large-area, faded, laser-pretreated, on robust skin or sensitive areas, professionally or unprofessionally stitched, contain a lot or little pigment colour. There is no one-size-fits-all, simple solution for every treatment; the requirements are too complex for that. Inexperienced practitioners underestimate these difficulties, which in the best case leads to poor results. The reasons for a successful treatment are 70% the correct application of the method and 30% the effective removal serum. 

Since 2009, we have been successfully researching to develop effective and at the same time skin-friendly methods of treatment and pass on our knowledge and experience to beauticians and tattoo artists in our training courses.   

The basis of our concept is a comprehensive basic training, two complementary but completely different treatment methods and three removal liquids, which make it possible to offer the appropriate solution for every situation. 


With the FADING method, we work in the same way as with tattooing or permanent make-up. However, this method places considerably less strain on the skin and healing is faster. Within a short time, no traces of the treatment are visible.  

Thanks to the gentle technique, only part of the ink escapes from the skin, so that several treatments are usually necessary to completely remove the pigments.  



With the DOT method, several small areas of the tattoo are superficially roughened, and the removal serum is introduced. The immune system then has enough time to repel all pigments in the scab to the skin surface. After healing, the treated area is usually completely free of pigment. 

With the mastery of both methods, you have all the possibilities to solve even difficult tattoo removal cases. Treat regularly, because as with many professions, so with tattoo removal with SKINIAL their results get better and better with the routine of the treatment carried out. We accompany you in the process. 

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