The perfection of tattoo removal

In this training you will learn the DOT method in several practical exercises and deepen your knowledge about side effects. One focus of the training is to share our many years of experience with thousands of clients since 2009.

What is special about the DOT method?

The DOT method will enable you to completely remove pigmentation on any part of the body (tattoos, PMU or microblading) in a single treatment and thus also to make quick corrections.

Compared to the FADING technique, the DOT technique requires more discipline, is more complex and must be practised in several steps. It is the only tattoo removal technique in the world that can remove pigment in a single treatment. When used correctly, the risk of scarring is low. A perfect result depends largely on the client's constitution and the correct aftercare.

The DOT technique is the gold standard of cosmetic tattoo removal and should not be missing in any studio specialising in tattoo removal.

Content of the training

In 11 didactically structured chapters you will learn the DOT technique supplemented by other medical aspects of the treatment. Here you will find the exact structure of the training.

The training contains several practical exercises which are corrected and commented by an online trainer in the online version of the training.

Besides many graphics, over 100 photos, testimonials and more than 19 videos, all possible applications on the face (eyebrows, lips and eyelid) and on the body are covered.

The great strength of this training is the transfer of practical knowledge through our many years of experience, the mastery of which makes an experienced practitioner. This enables you to recognise the risks of tattoo removal in advance and to avoid possible problems in good time.

Prerequisites for participation in the training

The prerequisite for participation in the PROFESSIONAL training is that you have successfully completed the BASIC training. We therefore recommend that you only register for the PROFESSIONAL training once you have already gained some experience with the FADING technique.

For the practical exercises, you will need a removal device or a commercially available micropigmentation device, even in the online version of the training. You will find a selection of suitable removal devices for tattoo removal in our SKINIAL online shop.

You will get more than just a training!

Training with 11 chapters, 9 videos, 176 photos and graphics, 15 practice tests

A further PROFESSIONAL certificate

Starter Kit for up to 10 treatments (value 159€)*

Welcome goods voucher over 100€*

20% discount for your first purchase in the online shop

Phone contact with SKINIAL trainers at any time

The right to repeat the booked training online for a refresher course even years later

The best method and so many extras ...
no one else in the world can offer you that!

*only with ONLINE training