Business with tattoo removal

Offer cosmetic tattoo / pigment removal to your customers

Your clients would be happy to have you do their tattoo or PMU removal or corrections. After all, anyone who pigments must also be able to remove. With little effort and in a short time, you can offer this high-margin service as a beautician, tattoo artist or medical professional, but also as a beginner.

Offer tattoo removal training on online portals and in your school

Why don't you offer removals as an instructor, trainer, cosmetic school, or medical training?

Supplement your training offer with a pigment or tattoo removal either WITH TRAINER or with an ONLINE training. After all, the demand for cosmetic removal is constantly increasing.


Offer your customers professional online removal training, removal products and treatments under your brand

We provide you with all information, products with e-shop and training incl. booking platform ready to use and you only need to put it on your website.   

  • Benefit from the know-how of the world market leader since 2009 with state-of-the-art digital technology at the highest legal, medical, and organizational security level. Products and technology are MADE IN GERMANY and comply with EU regulations. 
  • Achieve high margins with fully automated logistics (fulfilment). Sales, invoices, and communication with the customer are 100% digital and all payments go through your account. We guarantee 24/7 technical support.  

Distribution and licensing partners

Although we offer products and training worldwide, some markets cannot be handled from Germany due to customs duties, legal regulations, language, and their size. For several countries and regions, we are looking for exclusive external cooperation partners in sales, or production partners under licence.

Investment / partnerships

Invest in a world market leader in a lucrative niche. Our patented German technology in cosmetic pigment removal is market-proven, globally scalable, multilingual and 100% digital.

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