Expand your service offering to include tattoo removal / training and product sales

Example: Landing page - Training and booking system - Online shop (TATTOO ARTIST LABEL)

We are looking for tattoo artists who are able and willing to build up an additional business with online tattoo removal training and removal products. Prerequisite are good contacts in the tattoo scene (conventions etc. ...).

We have developed three modules that we can customise with your logo. With just a few clicks, we bring the new activity to your website. The entire process runs digitally in the background.


The concept consists of:

  1. An information page (landing page) for end customers and tattoo studios on the subject of tattoo removal (method, treatment procedure, before and after pictures, ... etc.).
  2. Optionally an online shop for the removal serum and, if desired, other care products with your brand. Studios as well as end customers order the products in your online shop. Customers automatically receive a digital invoice/delivery note and you receive the revenue. The goods come either from our fulfilment logistics centre in Bavaria or from you. Delivery is by DHL with tracking code. All our products are legal and safe. They are registered with the CPNP in Brussels and have an official safety assessment (PID Part B) including a safety data sheet.
  3. A booking platform that we integrate into your website. We host the training on a European platform and guarantee technical availability (24/7). Upon completion of the training, the customer receives a certificate with your logo. We receive a fee per participant, which we invoice to you on a monthly basis. You practically don't have to do anything in return.