Our vision is that anyone who has unwanted pigmentation can have it removed or corrected easily without pain with just a few treatments.

Actually, we shouldn't even exist anymore

When we discovered by chance in England in 2009 that pigmentation could be removed naturally without a laser, we were immediately fascinated by the idea. However, it is a small miracle that we have persevered until today, against the overpowering laser lobby, national bureaucracies and many envious people who did not want to grant us the success.

With a lot of perseverance, stubbornness, and the proverbial German thoroughness, we have succeeded in reinventing natural, cosmetic tattoo removal and developing pharmaceutical-grade products after years of hard work.

Starting as a pioneer, SKINIAL is now the benchmark for cosmetic tattoo removal worldwide. Our training is among the best available. SKINIAL doesn't just promise, we remove pigmentation completely in only one or a few treatments.

Thanks to long-standing partners in 20 countries, SKINIAL is already offered in over 700 studios and that is just the beginning. Cosmetic tattoo removal has all the arguments in its favor and will establish itself worldwide, there is no longer any doubt about that.

We are convinced that in the future, everyone who pigments will also remove pigments. Because a tattoo does not "have" to be forever. Anyone who is unhappy with it can now have it removed naturally without pain at any time.

The future is ours ... join us!


Founder of skinial.com


LIA - Web designer and customer service
“Don’t worry – there is always a solution.“
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“What Getafix the Druid could do, we have long been able to do.”
EVREN - IT Specialist
“can't ... there's no such thing“