Distribution and licensing partners

Become a SKINIAL distribution/licensing partner

Due to different market access barriers (languages, customs regulations, logistical challenges, market knowledge) in some regions of the world, it is not possible for a small company like us with limited human resources to be present in all lucrative markets. We therefore offer exclusive partnerships for our digital concept and high-margin products. 



We are looking for distribution partners in some European countries, especially for language reasons but also due to lack of access to our target groups. Legal and logistical obstacles do not exist in Europe.  

We are looking for sales partners in: Italy, Spain/Portugal, Scandinavia, England/Ireland, Poland.  



A licensee knows its market, has the corresponding financial and human resources and access to our target groups. Depending on the market situation, it can also produce locally and organise distribution independently. SKINIAL receives a licence fee for the know-how transfer, the patents and, if applicable, the recipes. Please communicate exclusively in English, French or German.   

We can offer you the entire value chain of this new technology "cosmetic tattoo removal" from a single source. Implementation in your country is possible within 6 months (subject to regulatory conditions).

You are granted the right to use our patents and trademarks. The legal basis for the production and practice of the SKINIAL activity is given worldwide.

We translate into your language and install the digital technology at your premises. Then we train your trainers.

Depending on the framework conditions, you receive the original recipes of our products for local production, or we adapt the products to your market and supply them.

We coach you in the implementation of the marketing and sales strategy so that you achieve the agreed goals.


We are looking for licence partners in:

Brazil - Entry requirements (ANVISA) and language barriers require an in-country partner with the option of all of South America. The potential and revenue prospects are almost unlimited. We are already at an advanced stage regarding the translation of the trainings and the website in Portuguese.  

USA / Canada - The largest market worldwide, the need for short supply chains and mentality requires a professional regional partner. "Market proof and experience is already available.  

Arab countries - customs, transport, and language problems, especially vis-à-vis end customers, require regional partners. The market potential is very high. Experience is already available.  

Korea - Great market potential, but due to language and mentality barriers, a local partner is imperative.  

Asia (India, emerging Asia) - Little experience in SKINIAL. 

Turkey and the Near East - Great potential for market experts. Experience available at SKINIAL.  

China - Little experience with SKINIAL.  

South Africa - Great market potential in Central and Southern Africa. Logistical and partly customs obstacles. Experience available at SKINIAL.