Expand your service with tattoo removal / training and product sales with little effort

It's easier than you think!

Example: Landing page - Training and booking system - Online shop (COSMETIC LABEL)

We have developed three modules for you, which we can adapt to your website in terms of style and text and customise with your logo. In less than three weeks, you can offer the new service and training courses on your website. The entire process runs digitally in the background.

Technical options make it possible to find a solution for every wish and every website, including dropshipping. Generate more sales by offering your customers the innovative and high-margin "tattoo removal" service.

The three building blocks are:

  1. An information page (landing page) for end customers and studios on the subject of tattoo removal (method, treatment procedure, before and after pictures, etc.).This is how it could look on your website (style and content can be customised)
  2. A booking platform for the TATTOO REMOVAL ONLINE TRAINING. We host the training on a European platform and guarantee technical accessibility. This ONLINE TRAINING is identical to the BASIC ONLINE from SKINIAL, but with your logo. After completing the training, the customer receives a certificate, also with your logo. You invoice and collect the participant fee. We only charge you a small fee for this. You can also use our system to organise training courses with trainers.
  3. An integrated online shop or alternatively directly via your existing online shop for the removal serum and special care products, of course with your brand. The invoice and delivery note are created digitally in several languages. You can also send the goods digitally from our fulfilment centre with DHL tracking and have no hassle at all.  Safety is our top priority. That's why all our products are registered with the CPNP in Brussels. We have an official safety assessment (PID Part B) for the removal fluid and an MSDS (Safety Data Sheet).