595€ + tax

ADVANTAGES online training

Free, flexible time management. Learn whenever you feel like it.

Cost-effective training, no travel costs, no time wasted.

Any repetition possible.

DISADVANTAGES online training

No direct contact person or coach, especially when training the techniques.

Not suitable for participants with little knowledge of skin and skin treatment.

If you do not want to specialise in tattoo removal and have little experience with tattoo removal, it is better to attend a training course with a trainer.

Procedure of the training

Immediately after paying the training fee, you can start the training straight away, interrupt it at any time and continue when you want. On average, the training takes about 7-10 hours.

After a successful final examination, you will receive your certificate of participation by mail, a shopping voucher for 100€ for our online shop, 20% discount on your first purchase and the access data to our removal fluids in the online shop and the SKINIAL portal as well as other extras.


Prices vary depending on the trainer. Please contact the trainer of your choice. You do not pay and book this training with us, but directly with the trainer you have chosen.

Feedback from our training customers

"... for small tattoos or distortions in PMUs, there is nothing better. My clients are happy that they don't have to come several times ..."

Carole Dahan, beautician in Paris, France

"Some removals can only be removed with SKINIAL's DOT method, such as artificial freckles, an eyeliner in one treatment or corrections of spelling mistakes or small changes to the motif."

JoJo-Lita, tattoo artist in Toulouse, France

"...especially with delicate lines or dots, you can remove them perfectly with the DOTs, you can't get them out any other way. It doesn't matter if it's light colours or a lot of pigment on a very small area."

Damien Epinat, tattoo artist in Paris, France

Not convinced yet?

  • You can find detailed information about treatmentsafetylegal requirements on our blog >>
  • Below you will find three results with before and after pictures of our clients. If you want to see more click here >>
  • Too expensive? On the contrary. Do the maths. You get extra:
  • One Starter Kit worth €159
  • One shopping voucher worth €100
  • One discount on your first purchase -20% onEVERYTHING
  • When booking the online training, payment in instalments of up to 12 monthly instalments of only approx. 50€ is possible!