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You can access to this training only after you completed with success the FADING training! More info about the FADING training ->

For whom is the training suitable?

If you have mastered the basics of tattoo removal without laser perfectly and have already gained some experience with the FADING technique, you can also learn the exclusive and patented technique of instant removal using the DOT technique in a high-quality e-learning online training course to achieve the highest perfection in tattoo removal. The DOT method should only be used by good technicians and experienced studios who have already gained experience with the FADING technique. 

This technique allows you to completely remove almost any pigmentation immediately. The technique is more demanding than the FADING technique. Before booking the professional level, you must have completed the FADING method and the basics.  


Costs and duration of the training?

The training costs 695€ (net) including a starter kit, which will be sent to you automatically. Immediately after paying the training fee, you can start immediately. On average, the training, which you can interrupt at any time, lasts 30-40 hours. You have 20 weeks to complete the training.  

All you need is internet access, an iPad or computer. A mobile phone is not suitable due to the small screen. Due to the intuitive menu navigation, the training is also suitable for people without online experience. You do not need a device for the training itself.

Our REMOVAL technique is one of the safest treatments in the world and produces surprisingly good results. Anyone can learn this technique after have successfully made our BASIC training (Fading training). Our tried and tested consent form provides comprehensive protection for you and your clients.

The training repeats and deepens your knowledge of the FADING technique and introduces you step by step to our unique DOT method. The focus is on practical exercises, some of which you will have to send to an online trainer, and which will be corrected and returned to you, as well as a large BEST PRACTICE section in which we share our many years of experience with you using many examples. The final part is a removal treatment on your first client. You send us the result before we release you.  

The structure of the training with the individual lessons can be found below. After a successful final examination and a good treatment result, you will receive your certificate, a shopping voucher, your personal SKINIAL password, and much more.   

What you can expect of the training

Learning the DOT method allows you to immediately and in most cases completely remove pigmentation on the treated areas at once, even in difficult cases. You will then be able to offer the right combination of removal method and serum for each skin type and client request.

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PROFESSIONAL with trainer

If you prefer to learn the DOT technique with a trainer, please book this Professional Offline training. After booking the training, you simply arrange an appointment with the trainer that is convenient for you for the one-day practical training.

Price: 995€

Book now the SKINIAL Professional Offline training (with trainer)

Attention: You can book this training only if you have completed successfully the Basic (Fading) training.