Based on 6 essential aspects, we explain how cosmetic tattoo and PMU removal with SKINIAL works, both SKINIAL methods, the benefits, treatment examples, the cost of removal and the client’s

Dear Doctors   You may have been visited by a patient who is expecting information from you about a rare but possible side effect of a SKINIAL treatment or is being

Medium and Large Tattoo Removal

Medium-sized tattoos are rarely found on the face. They are almost always body tattoos, which usually contain significantly more tattoo ink than permanent make-up pigmentations. Especially if they are full-surface tattoos or cover-ups, the skin is often literally soaked with pigments. With medium tattoos, it is still possible to remove the tattoo in most cases.  

Removal of Eyelid and Eyeliner

Removing pigment from eyelids and eyeliner is easy with SKINIAL. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. What if you have artificial eyelashes? Is your eyesight at risk? Is the treatment painful?

Removal of Small Tattoos

Does it matter in the removal or correction whether a small tattoo or a name tattoo is old or young, professionally or unprofessionally stung. Small tattoos and names on the face, fingers or neck and spelling mistakes.

Remove or correct eyebrows

Eyebrow removal and correction is a classic at SKINIAL. Why does the pigment colour change in the first place? What to do? Correction or removal? What options are available to you?

Tattoo removal for tattoo artists

Cosmetic tattoo removal without laser with SKINIAL removes any type and any color from the skin with one or a few treatments. The treatment causes no pain and leaves no

Removal of lip contours

How to achieve perfect lip contour removal  Lip correction is not a difficult treatment with SKINIAL. It doesn’t take long either. Even more than with eyebrows, the predominantly female clients