There are always rumors from time to time about an allegedly imminent ban in some countries. These rumors exist since SKINIAL exists (2009). Where do they come from and what is behind them?     They usually come either from begrudging competitors, or from people who have neither knowledge of the technology nor of SKINIAL itself.

Newsletter January 2022

      View this email in your browser       Dear Tina, SKINIAL 2022   We wish all our partners a successful and healthy New Year. This newsletter focuses on tips and assistance.  2021 was not a good year, but 2022 can still surprise us positively. Why?  First, there can be positive surprises because

Newsletter December 2021

  View this email in your browser Dear *|FNAME|*, Corona uncertainty is slowing down our business, but for how much longer? Increasingly, it looks like the CORONA virus is constantly changing like the flu virus. It will become a cat and mouse game between mutations and annual boosters (vaccinations), changing our business permanently. Body-related services like beauticians and tattoo artists will unfortunately have to adjust in the coming

newsletter of October 2021

    View this email in your browser Dear Marina, Restart after Corona    18 months of Corona have destroyed a lot. Assets, trust, and life dreams. Now it is high time for a reorientation. Only the consistent faster implementation of new technologies opens a way out of the crisis. The people (end customers) have

Newsletter August 2021

    View this email in your browser Dear Marina, We have not published our NEWSLETTER since January 2021. This is because we have completely revised our concept and we had to realize that everything is connected to everything else. Therefore, we didn’t want to present you with half-finished things, but with the (almost) finished result. Unfortunately, it took us a lot more effort than we had originally planned, but at least we were able to make good