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How does cosmetic tattoo removal with SKINIAL work

Based on 6 essential aspects, we explain how cosmetic tattoo and PMU removal with SKINIAL works, both SKINIAL methods, the benefits, treatment examples, the cost of removal and the client's contribution to a successful treatment.



  1. Tattoo removal a natural immune response
  2. The difference between the two SKINIAL methods
  3. Four advantages of the SKINIAL method
  4. Results of the SKINIAL tattoo removal
  5. Costs of a tattoo or PMU removal/ fading
  6. Your own contribution to a good result

1. Tattoo removal a natural immune response

  • Instead of a laser, a harmless natural serum is used.
  • The tattoo ink is completely removed from the body.
  • Less pain + less treatments + lower costs
  • The patented SKINIAL method is a German technology that was developed together with doctors and pharmacists.
  • SKINIAL has been used successfully in many countries around the world for over ten years.

Tattoo removal is a natural immune response

To correct or remove tattoos, PMU or microblading, the surface of the skin (epidermis) is roughened using a micropigmentation device.  

A weak lactic acid solution is then dribbled on and massaged in. The solution seeps through the skin layers to the color pigments. The serum causes the protective covering around the color pigments, which previously would have prevented the skin from recognizing the color as a foreign body and rejecting it (or causing inflammation), to separate from the pigments. Suddenly, the skin's immune system recognizes the pigment color as a foreign body and initiates a rejection process that can take several days, depending on the amount of pigment. The rejected color collects on the skin surface in the scab and falls off after a few days.  

The redness indicates that the skin is healing and after complete healing, the treated area is usually free of tattoo ink. 

Greatly enlarged section through the layers of the skin. The blacks are tattoo color pigments

2. The difference between the two SKINIAL methods

The FADING-method is an easy-to-learn, very gentle and therefore safe method, with a very low risk of unwanted side effects.  

However, the skin only visibly repels the pigments up to a maximum of five minutes after the actual treatment. Then the internal wound healing process closes the skin openings again. Due to the short time of opening, not very much ink can escape. The advantage is that the client no longer sees any treatment traces shortly after the treatment and the skin irritation is less than with the complete removal in one treatment.   

With the DOT-method, several small area of the epidermis will be removed by roughening. The underlying tattoo ink is rejected by the immune system as long as the crust covers the area. This usually happens over a period of one week to 10 days.  

You can remove pigmentation on the body and face completely with both methods. However, the FADING-method removes less pigment at a time, is safer and gentler on the skin and is quite sufficient for many applications. 



3. Four advantages of the SKINIAL method

1. All colours and colour mixtures are easily removed or lightened

With the SKINIAL method not only tattoo colours and permanent make-up can be removed, but also lacquers and special mixtures. So successfully that the colour at the treated area is usually completely removed after the first treatment.

2. Only a few treatments are enough for a great success.

Compared to laser, the SKINIAL method requires considerably less treatment because the colour is really removed during each session and not just "faded". The removal of an entire tattoo or PMU therefore takes less time and the costs are often considerably lower.

3. No harmful paint residues or removal substances remain in the body

With the SKINIAL method the tattoo colour is pushed off to the skin surface during the wound healing process and leaves the body completely. The lactic acid used in this process is a physiological substance which the human body converts to glucose within a few hours, so that no harmful substances are left in the body.

4. Less pain, no burns, familiar terrain.

Tattoo or PMU removal using the SKNIAL method feels similar to the former tattoo. Pain, as it is caused by the enormous heat during laser removal, for example, does not occur with the SKINIAL method.

4. Results of the SKINIAL tattoo removal method

Compared to graffiti on a house wall, the removal of a tattoo, PMU or microblading is much more complex and difficult. This is because the skin is a living organ that reacts differently to treatment for each person. In order to get an early first impression of the results to be expected depending on the individual constitution and history, a detailed consultation is held before each treatment. In this consultation, personal expectations and realistically achievable results are discussed in detail. An additional tolerance test shows the first results on the basis of a test treated area in nature. 

Generally speaking, many customers have the misconception that any tattoo or PMU can be removed in such a way that the skin looks the same after removal as it did before the tattoo. This is often the case, but cannot be guaranteed by any method - neither with nor without laser. There is no guarantee for scar-free removal, because the formation of scars depends on many factors, such as individual skin characteristics, genetic conditions and to a large extent on personal aftercare and care.   

However, due to the natural products used in the SKINIAL method, the experience with SKINIAL is very good and the vast majority of tattoos could be removed so well that after some time the former tattoo was no longer visible to the naked eye. With the removal method, experience shows that success with small tattoos can be seen after only two to three treatments. Due to the waiting time between treatments (about eight to ten weeks, in some cases even longer to ensure complete healing of the skin), this is the case at the earliest six to nine months after the last session. The removal of larger tattoos requires correspondingly more time and is also associated with a greater risk of visible scars due to the larger number of areas treated. In the case of fading, healing can take days and scars are very unlikely.  

To get a first impression of the results that can be achieved with the SKINIAL method, exemplary before-and-after pictures of the removal and correction of body tattoos, permanent make-up and microblading with the removal method and the fading method are shown on the right side. The pictures come from the archives of the SKINIAL studios, which use the treatment pictures not least for free and non-binding consultation for new customers.  

Removal/correction of PMU

Before - After

Tattoo removal / correction

Before - After


Before - After

5. Costs of a tattoo removal 

Before the actual removal of the tattoo or PMU starts, a compatibility test is carried out to determine whether the treatment method is tolerated, how fast the healing process is and how well the colour pigments are removed. The cost for this is 70 Euro and means for both sides, the practitioner and the treated person, security and realistic expectations of the treatment result.  

After a successful tolerance test, the PMU or tattoo removal is carried out. The total duration and number of treatments* strongly depends on the size and shape. About one hour per treatment must be reckoned with, which is usually charged at a rate of 150 to 220 euros. However, the exact costs are determined by each studio itself.

6. Your own contribution to a good result

Avoid unwanted side effects with care and aftercare

After treatment, the regeneration of the treated site is influenced by many factors. In addition to the main factors influencing the general health situation and your immune system, genetic factors and the way in which they support healing have an impact on recovery.

Mostly the customers themselves are responsible for unwanted side effects. UV radiation on the unprotected skin, mechanical stress as well as moisture (friction of clothing, premature removal of scab, ...) and neglected care and follow-up of the treatment site are in addition to medical reasons and mechanical stress due to premature active exercise stresses are reasons why temporary hypertrophic scars or inflammation can form.

The treatment itself is rarely due to the hygienic design itself cause of the inflammation. For larger tattoos, the risk of scarring is of course higher than for little ones. To avoid complications, follow carefully the follow-up instructions to minimize the occurrence of side effects.

Our aftercare recommendations for satisfied customers

Best results thanks to ideal skin care after tattoo removal

Since the best tattoo removal is only as good as the subsequent aftercare and care, SKINIAL has also developed cosmetic care products at the highest level together with an Austrian pharmaceutical laboratory. These are specially tailored to the needs of the skin after laser-free PMU or tattoo removal and help to achieve optimal results. The aim of the care product series was and is to avoid possible side effects of the SKINIAL treatment as best as possible by supporting the healing of the skin and simplifying aftercare for customers.

You can find all of our care products and removal devices in the online shop: https://shop.skinial.com

In general, the following recommendations apply. You can obtain further information from your treating studio.

  • Keep the treated area dry!
  • Do not expose to strong sunlight!
  • Avoid friction (clothing, belts, jewelery), do not scratch, do not close.
  • Do not apply Scar-Care-Creme for better healing and faster regeneration until the crust is gone.

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