Easily offer tattoo removal trainings - for coaches, schools and online portals

Our ONLINE trainings but also the trainings WITH TRAINER are 100% digital and available in many languages. We are technically able to make our trainings available on all training platforms, but also classically WITH TRAINER for cosmetic and tattoo schools, as well as medical training centers. They can be offered by any professional trainer after a short preparation

You are free to set your own prices and margins. We provide you with the training via streaming file including all documents and products. You only pay us a small fee per participant. Exclusivity possible.  

Expand your training offer to your participants with professional tattoo removal training.

Offer each participant of your Microblading or PMU training with an additional module of a one day tattoo removal training.

Our module can be incorporated into your training courses or offered separately.

We can also provide you with our trainers for your in-house training.