Quick start with three options  

  1. PASSIVE TRAINER - the quick start 

Convey SKINIAL online training through a link on your website. You will receive all the documentation from us. This way you earn monthly commissions without having to be active.  

  1. ACTIVE TRAINER - classic offline training for SKINIAL professionals 

You have a training infrastructure and already organize trainings. You are very familiar with the SKINIAL techniques and have sufficient treatment experience.  

  1. TATTOO ARTIST TRAINER - established tattoo studios expand their offer 

You are well networked, people know you. You have several years of experience as a tattoo artist and want to expand your offer with practical tattoo removal training. 

Requirements and earning potential    



  • You have many B2B visitors to your website or a large clientele or name recognition.   
  • Offering tattoo removal treatments in your studio is useful, but not a prerequisite to become a PASSIVE TRAINER  
  • A cooperation contact with SKINIAL is required.   



  • List "Tattoo Removal Training" as a new service on your website. The word will then link to a sub-page on your website.   
  • On this sub-page, briefly explain what SKINIAL is about and offer more information when you click the CALL2ACTION button. You will receive all photos, texts, and links from us. (Example how this subpage could look like)  
  • Connect the CLICK HERE area with your personal SKINIAL link (contains your data), which we will send to you (we will be happy to help you set it up).  
  • You're ready to go! 

Procedure and remuneration:   

  • Apply using the enclosed form and we will contact you.   
  • Each of your visitors who clicks on your CALL2AKTION button will be marked with a cookie and will be redirected to the SKINIAL training selection page. There he can get comprehensive information and book the online training.  
  • Even if the interested party only books after 90 days, we recognise from the registered "cookie" that the contact came from you.   
  • As soon as your contact books an online training, you automatically receive a copy of this booking by e-mail. At the end of the month, you then invoice us for your commission on all online training courses arranged. Depending on the agreement, you will receive 15% - 33% of the training fees.  
  • You are also welcomed to pass on your "personal link" to third parties and thereby significantly expand your sales network, e.g., by having it used by partners, online portals, or influencers.  


You should meet the following requirements:  

  • You have successfully completed the SKINIAL BASIC and PROFESSIONAL training course 
  • You have already had sufficient treatment experience with SKINIAL.  
  • In your studio you have space to train up to 3 participants and you have good internet reception.  
  • You already have at least 3 years of professional experience in cosmetics or a related industry and ideally already offer other trainings.  
  • You are very familiar with social media, especially FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.  
  • A one-off expense allowance of €600 is required for the special trainer briefing, the documentation, the refresher training for the current BASIC and PROFESSIONAL training and the registration.  

You will receive an earning of €500 for each participant's one-day training plus a permanent discount of 25% off our entire range. 

Registered ACTIVE TRAINERS will find all documents and instructions for the offline trainings on our SERVICE PORTAL. Click here to go to the SERVICE PORTAL. 


You will conduct a hands-on training on a model over 2-4 hours with fellow tattooists who want to benefit from your removal experience. Although it is only about the FADING technique, you should also know the DOT technique to have the entire know-how of tattoo removal. You will receive a fee of 150 euros per participant.  

Registered ACTIVE TRAINERS will find all documents and instructions for the offline trainings on our SERVICE PORTAL. Click here to go to the SERVICE PORTAL. 


Please give us some information about yourself so that we know who we are dealing with. We will then get in touch with you immediately.