The training will enable you to lighten, remove and correct body tattoos but also PMU and microblading. You can lighten cover-ups without affecting the skin. After 4 weeks, cover-ups can be done without any problems. The technique is particularly well suited for the treatment of areas.   

You will first learn the basics of tattoo removal in 13 varied online lessons through an e-learning course using videos, graphics, practical exercises and step by step SKINIAL FADING technique.  

You will learn which specific knowledge of anatomy, histology, dermatology, immunology, and wound healing is essential for tattoo removal. The legal basis, the composition of pigment dyes, the most important tattoo removal methods available worldwide and questions about safety for you and your clients are also explained in detail. 

The FADING method is a very gentle and therefore safe way to remove pigments or lighten cover-ups, with a very low risk of unwanted side effects. The client sees the result already during or immediately after the treatment. Pigmentation can also be completely removed with this method. The larger the amount of pigment in the skin, the more likely it is that several treatments will be necessary until the color is completely removed.  

After the online training of the BASICS, the practical training of several hours on one or more models follows directly in the tattoo artist's studio. The tattoo artist organizes the model(s). On request, this part of the training can also take place at your studio in certain cases.  

Upon successful completion of the training, you will receive an international certificate, a starter kit, a €100 shopping voucher and a 20% discount voucher to use on your next purchase from our online shop and much more. 

With this training, we fully cater to your needs. The price of the training may vary depending on the country and the scope of the training offered. This is due to the number of models and the scope of the practical training and your individual wishes. The high SKINIAL standards ensure that you will have a perfect command of the removal technique after the training. 

Therefore, you need to book this training directly with the trainer. You can also set the date yourself and arrange further details with the trainer.  

Please select one of our partner tattoo studios from the SKINIAL Trainer list below. You can reach the studio directly by email or phone or send a request using the form below. You will then receive a call back from the studio.  

Even if the technique looks simple and you already have a lot of professional experience, you will only achieve good results if you know the extensive background information and the specific medical basics. One focus of this training is therefore the integration of our unique, long-standing experience, as well as countless practical tips.  

After the training, you will be perfectly prepared for all imponderables, including rare occurrences during treatment. You will immediately recognize any non-normal reaction and be able to deal with it professionally.  

The reasons for successful tattoo removals are 70% due to the correct application of the method. All our products are safety-rated and registered in the European CPNP database. The SKINIAL serums trigger the rejection, but without the perfect application of the treatment technique, even, good results are not possible.  

Benefit from the fact that we are the only company in the world that has been exclusively dedicated to the research of cosmetic tattoo removal for more than a decade. 

As we are just starting this project, there are no SKINIAL tattoo trainers available in English speaking countries today. 

Thus, unfortunately, you cannot book this training yet and should temporarily switch to a FADING online training of the same quality. (=> please go to "BASIC training").

If you are interested in becoming a SKINIAL tattoo trainer yourself, please contact us. 

( info@skinial.com )