Who can take part in SKINIAL training?

SKINIAL only trains commercial participants, not private individuals. With all three training courses, you can offer your customers professional tattoo removal. We impart comprehensive knowledge in all essential cosmetic and medical areas, as well as treatment experience. The training courses are aimed at practitioners, but are also partially suitable for beginners.

We offer three trainings:

Difference - Removal | Fading -

What ist the difference be tween the two SKINIAL tattoo removal methods

REMOVAL (SKIN-DO-MA® technique) Through friction (dermabrasion) the uppermost layer of skin (epidermis) is partially removed on a small area and the removal fluid is massaged in, which means that the pigments usually leave the skin completely after only one treatment. The subsequent treatment of other areas takes place after 8 weeks of healing of the treated area.
This method is only recommended for experienced users, as it requires cosmetic and medical prior knowledge.

FADING (FAD'it-SAFE® technique) Treatment of larger areas where the skin is significantly less traumatized than with removal, similar to micropigmentation and tattooing. The traces of treatment are often no longer visible after a few hours. The technique removes pigments more slowly, the treated areas are brightened. Pigments and tattoos can also be completely removed by several treatments.
The method is easy to learn and can be applied without great risk. An upgrade to the REMOVAL technique is possible after some practical experience.

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Introductory Price

Fading - FAD'it SAFE®

 (1 technique) 

BODY + PMU + Microblading

Beginners in tattoo removal; professionals who remove only occasionally; tattooists and medical professions

Minimal side effects, no symptoms shortly after the treatment

After 1 treatment

Basics (medicine = anatomy, histology, dermatology, immunology, hygiene) legal aspects, FAD'it-SAFE®

 Technology; SKINAL tools


6-8 hours

Voucher of 100€






Removal SKIN-DO-MA®

 and Fading FAD'it-SAFE®

 (2 techniques) 

PMU + Microblading

Classic Permanent Make up artists and microblader

Immediate corrections and removal possible, practical training on the model

After 3 treatments


 Technology +  SKIN-DO-MA® 

 technology; excercices; best practice; practical training on the model

Training location with trainer

1 day

Voucher of 100€; 25% discount on the first order, starter kit worth 152€

PMU - MASTER level




Removal SKIN-DO-MA®

 and Fading FAD'it-SAFE®

 (2 techniques) 

BODY + PMU + Microblading

Experiences professionals in dealing with micropigmentation devices and good cosmetic or medical knowledge or experienced tattooists

Immediate corrections and removal possible, practical training on the model; treatment of difficult cases, comprehensive transfer of expert knowledge

After 4 treatments

Basics (see SKINIAL FADING) + deepening of all medical topics including dermatology (side effects, scar knowledge, therapies), best practice + case studies; FAD'it-SAFE® +  SKIN-DO-MA® technology; excercices; practical training on the model

Training location with trainer

2 days

Voucher of 200€; 25% discount on the first order, starter kit worth 152€, iconic SKINIAL bag free

BOY&PMU - Master Level

This EXTRAS only offers you SKINIAL

Extensive free services are available to every participant in our training

  • 7/7 24 hour online shop
  • Price reductions in the online shop
  • Shopping Vouchers
  • Starter Kit (partly)
  • Free training courses for refreshing and repeating already learned techniques
  • Membership in the exclusive FACEBOOK group "SKINIAL PROFESSIONAL" in which all SKINIAL studios worldwide can exchange information openly and confidentially.
  • You get access to our intranet with treatment forms, many before and after pictures, free advertising materials, medical information etc. ...
  • SKINIAL supports you with legal problems with authorities and in court
  • You can present your studio free of charge on our website and then regularly receive direct new customer inquiries
  • … and much more …

Why you should definitely make a training with Skinial

  • SKINIAL co-founded the tattoo removal industry after 2009
  • More than 500 studios in over 20 countries work with SKINIAL
  • Every year more than 2,000 new customers are treated and the number increases every day
  • All products and services comply with the strict EU guidelines
  • Our process is patented, we hold several property rights
  • Several European health ministries have rated SKINIAL as safe and harmless

At the heart of each of our SKINIAL training courses is extensive  education. All topics are dealt with in all training courses but with different intensity and depth. For example, a participant in a  FADING  training course only needs to know the basics of wound healing, since he will rarely be faced with side effects. However, a participant in the BODY & PMU removal training must be very familiar with it. 

Although the SKINIAL method is a purely cosmetic technique that is not difficult to learn, you need sufficient basic medical knowledge to be able to act in any situation. We train you in the fields of dermatology (skin diseases), anatomy (structure of the skin), histology (teaching tissue) and immunology (defense mechanisms of the body). We also give you an insight into our many years of experience in non-laser tattoo removal and avoidance of side effects. We show you how to deal with the challenges that can naturally arise with all skin treatments, and you will find out exactly where the boundaries between medicine and cosmetics lie. 

We do the FADING training without a practical training unit with models, but the treatment is explained in detail with the help of videos and precise instructions. In this respect, practical training is not necessary with the FAD’it-SAFE method even for beginners. We will pass the cost advantage that we have on the fact that no trainers are deployed directly to you. If you have any further questions, you will find plenty of opportunities at SKINIAL to obtain comprehensive information or to exchange confidential information with other studios. More than 500 studios around the world have made extensive use of this.

The  PMU  removal  training and the  BODY & PMU  removal training  with trainers, on the other hand, have a detailed practical part with a model to practice. With these training courses, which are offered for professional studios, you should have completed cosmetic or medical training. Alternatively, people with proven long-term experience in skin treatment or tattoo artists are also allowed. Our trainers are required to check this evidence of activity by spot checks. 

Marina SeelPartner since 2012, cosmetician, MANNHEIM - Germany
"Skinial has been my standard offering for many years, and I do not know of a method for getting better correction or removal results,. Skinial is a reliable partner with whom I can provide maximum security for my clients."
Sylvain SavaryPartner since 2016, ILE DE LA REUNION
"The presence on the Skinial website has brought me about 500 clients requests in a year, which resulted in about 150 consultations and 50 treatments. This is in addition to my own prospecting a real help to start my activity. "
Silvia BrummerPartner since 2013, NIEDERBAYERN - Germany
"Anyone who has had a more difficult conflict with a client or a government agency is happy to have the full support of Skinial."



We offer trainings with trainers in the following countries and cities:

 France (Paris (3), Lyon, Bar le Duc, Montpellier, Cannes, Reunion); Germany (Kiel, Berlin, Bad-Nauheim, Mannheim); Australia (Brisbane); South Africa (Bloemfontein); Hungary (Vespre); Holland (Zwolle); Poland (Stettin); Finland (Tampere). (Further locations on request)

If no training is offered for the dates or seminar location you want or if it is already complete, contact the trainer you want directly and ask about your desired date. You can find the contact details of the trainers hereOr use this contact form

SKINIAL PMU Trainings in Australia / SKINIAL BODY&PMU Trainings in Australia

SKINIAL PMU Trainings in South Africa. / SKINIAL BODY&PMU Trainings in South Africa





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Participation in Skinial training is restricted to persons who are able to demonstrate that they have successfully completed an apprenticeship or other professional qualification in the cosmetic or medical fields, including applicants who can demonstrate several years’ practical experience in the field of permanent makeup.


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