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Removal and fading of pigments on face and body



Removal and fading of pigments on face



Fading of pigments on face and body


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Removal and fading of pigments on face and body



Fading of pigments on face and body


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You have perfect prerequisites, as you are already familiar with the handling of a micropigmentation device, have experience with comparable skin treatments and are familiar with skin reactions. However, the technology requires a quicker handling of the device, which is unusual for many people at first. The FADING training is only available online, the PMU training only with trainer. For the BODY &PMU training you can choose between online and offline (with trainer).  


  • Who does not want to treat any or only occasionally BODY tattoos, for that the PMU or FADING training is sufficient.  
  • Who also wants to do BODY treatments, should book the ONLINE or OFFLINE training BODY & PMU.  
  • Who rather rarely makes distances, for that the FADING training is sufficient. You can always do an online upgrade training later to learn the SKIN-DO-MA® method. 


The removal is only possible with smaller micropigmentation devices/tattoo machines (e.g. Cheyenne), because the skin should only be slightly irritated. If you don't have a suitable device for cartridges and needle size (7 round with flat cut - approx. 0.3mm diameter or a normal 3'er round, depending on the technology used) you can buy a professional device from us for as little as 590€. You will have to relearn a little bit about the technique to be used, because the removal is done with a relatively precise protocol and less improvisation is possible than you are used to, otherwise the removal won't work well.  You can only take the FADING or BODY&PMU training - online or offline.  


  • If you only want to lighten tattoos occasionally (e.g. lightening for cover-ups) the FADING training is perfect for you. Even if you still have doubts, FADING is the best choice, because the training is inexpensive and you already achieve good results, even complete removals. This method has only a small risk of scars or major side effects. An upgrade to the SKIN-DO-MA® removal technique is then possible online at any time.  
  • If you want to make full use of the removal possibilities and remove small corrections (spelling mistakes, distortions, asterisks, dots, tears, ...) with a single treatment, you should do the BODY & PMU training online or offline, especially as 1/3 of all tattoo artists also do PMU treatments.  


The work with a micropigmentation device, which is rather unfamiliar to you, can be learned very quickly. The required professional equipment is available from us for just a few hundred euros.  

On the other hand, your medical knowledge is of great advantage, since the individual wound healing following treatment follows purely medical rules. Although we cover these topics in detail in our training courses, our customers are more likely to take this important competence away from you than from a practitioner without medical training. However, doctors should keep in mind that tattoo removal is a manual activity and not an illness. In this respect, it would certainly make more sense and probably also be more economical to have it done by the medical assistants in your practice.   

A SKINIAL training is especially suitable for laser practices as a complementary method to treat colours which the laser cannot remove or can only be removed with difficulty, or for sensitive, pain and heat sensitive areas on the head or body.  


  • As an introduction to the service and to test whether it is accepted by your customers, the FADING training is a good choice. If they then see that the service is in demand, an online upgrading training is sufficient to be able to offer the SKIN-DO-MA® removal technique as well.   
  • For those who want to make full use of the removal possibilities, the BODY & PMU training online or offline (with trainer) is perfectly suitable. 


If you have a similar education (psychotherapist, masseur, giro practitioner, psychologist, podiatrist, ...) in the medical or cosmetic field, you too can learn how to remove tattoos. You should at least either have a basic medical knowledge or be familiar with the handling of a micropigmentation device or have in-depth knowledge of human skin to participate in a BODY & PMU or PMU training.  


If you are unsure whether you meet these requirements, it is better to start with the unproblematic FADING training first, because the FAD'it-SAFE® method taught there has only the slightest risk of scars or side effects and still allows you to perform lightening and removal procedures on PMU and BODY.  

  • The better your previous knowledge, the more likely it is that the BODY & PMU is suitable for offline (with trainer) or online training. 
  • A FADING training can be done at any time as an introduction and later, with some experience in removal, you can purchase the second technique SKIN-DO-Ma® with an upgrade.  


Tattoo removal is possible for side entrants as a part-time or full-time job. Anyone can learn it. However, you should be aware that this is a treatment that requires a suitable treatment room, the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene and may only be performed commercially. You must expressly declare this to us. Inform yourself about possible further legal regulations in your country. Remember that you are working on people and their health. If all these requirements are not a problem for you, then nothing stands in the way of your entry into this future-oriented industry.  


The only option for you at first is the online training FADING. The FAD'it-SAFE® method taught there has only the slightest risk of scars or side effects, but still allows you to perform lightening and removal of PMU and BODY. Under certain circumstances* and at the earliest after six months of active activity, you can participate in an upgrade training to learn the SKIN-DO-MA® technique. (* Ask for conditions: 

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