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Our high-quality online trainings have been designed according to didactic aspects and are also suitable for people who have no experience with online trainings. Everything is explained to you in detail. You can get support from our service staff at any time via the chat function.

After booking the training, you can start immediately and interrupt it as often as you like. You have unlimited access to the content for 20 weeks. You can view a manual in our SERVICE PORTAL after the training. The training contains self-contained lessons (FADING - 13, PROFESSIONAL - 10) with many videos, graphics, questions and answers, dozens of photos and field reports, repetitions, and tests to achieve an optimal learning effect. After the successful final exam, we will automatically send you your certificate by e-mail for you to print out and other services.


Lightening and removal of pigments on body and face

Basics + FADING method



Lightening and removal of pigments on body and face

FADING refresher + DOT method


In this training we have separated the theoretical part from the practical training. This means that you can fully concentrate on the perfect execution of the treatment while the trainer teaches you the practical skills. The trainer has enough time to answer all your questions and those of a maximum of two other participants. The practical part lasts one day in the trainer's studio (3 hours for the tattoo artist special training). Both techniques can be practiced on a model under supervision. The trainer is also available to you after the training.

Before the actual practical training, you will work through the basics and theory of the FADING training calmly and carefully using a professional e-learning course from the comfort of your own home. Our many years of experience have shown that this procedure not only guarantees better learning results, but it also enables you to concentrate fully on perfecting the techniques in the practical part.


Lightening and removal of pigments on body and face

Basics + FADING method (online) + DOT method + one day of practice with a model



Lightening and removal of pigments on body and face

Basics and FADING method (online) + practice with a model


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You will find the complete information about the respective training course at the bottom of the page after you have selected a training course.

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You will receive a starter kit and can get started right away. STARTER KIT CERTIFICATE You will receive an international SKINIAL certificate. REDUCTIONS You will receive a shopping voucher from €100 to €200 as well as a 20% discount on your first order. FACEBOOK COMMUNITY You get access to the exclusive FACEBOOK group “SKINIAL PROFESSIONALS” where all studios can exchange confidential information. SERVICE PORTAL You get access to the SERVICE PORTAL with hundreds of forms, images and documents to download. UPDATES As a SKINIAL Studio you will receive all new features and updates free of charge. CLIENTS With your presence on our website you will receive direct inquiries from new customers in your area.