A natural and cosmetic method without laser

Causes no pain, removes all colours, without scars

Complete removal, often after a single treatment

Learn SKINIAL Tattoo and PMU Removal

SKINIAL works with two complementary methods. With the BASIC training (FADING technique) you learn the safest and most efficient method of removing pigments.

In a second step, you can perfect your knowledge with the PROFESSIONAL training (DOT technique) with the patented, worldwide unique method of instant removal. (More information about the PROFESSIONAL training in the menu above)


SKINIAL is the world's leading provider of cosmetic tattoo removal without lasers. More than 800 studios in 20 countries

German product and patented method, complies with the legal conditions in the EU since 2009

High-priced, profitable service in a niche where you have almost a unique position.


This training will enable you to lighten, remove or correct body tattoos, PMU (eyebrows and lips) and microblading with the FADING METHOD.

From 595€ + tax*
*Price for the online training

The removal method

With the FADING method, you learn a very gentle and therefore safe method of tattoo removal, with a very low risk of unwanted side effects. Pigmentations can also be completely removed with this method. However, if the pigment density in the skin is very high, several treatments are necessary until the colour is completely removed.
After this training you will already be able to perform a FADING treatment safely and successfully.

Content of the training

The e-learning course is comprehensive and entertaining (13 chapters with 6 videos, 50 photos and graphics) CONTENT OVERVIEW.

In addition to legal, cosmetic and medical basics, we go into all safety-relevant aspects, pigment colours, client education and work through the treatment technique step by step up to aftercare.

Safety is important to us

The FADING technique is one of the safest tattoo removal treatments worldwide. Side effects are extremely rare and are usually limited to itching or slight redness. The client sees the result already during the treatment.

After just a few days, there are usually no more treatment marks visible on the skin. Our comprehensive consent form means safety for you and your clients.

Requirements for participation in the training

Anyone can book this training. If you have no previous medical or cosmetic knowledge, or are inexperienced in using a micropigmentation device, you should book the BASIC TRAINING WITH TRAINER.

You only need internet access for the first part of the training (e-learning). You will only need a removal device after the training when you treat clients. You can find suitable removal devices in our online shop (TIP: Save by using the vouchers you receive after passing the exam).

You will get more than just a training!


You will get more than just a training!

Training with 13 chapters, 6 videos, 50 photos and graphics, 13 practice tests

An international certificate

Starter Kit for up to 10 treatments (value 159€)*

Welcome goods voucher over 100€*

20% discount for your first purchase in the online shop

Access to the SERVICE PORTAL with hundreds of documents (manuals, forms, before and after pictures, logos, advertising templates, social media posts and videos, sample letters, ...)

Access to the closed Facebook group "SKINIAL PROFESSIONALS" where 800 SKINIAL studios exchange information internally

Phone contact with SKINIAL trainers at any time

The right to repeat the booked training online for a refresher course even years later

The best method and so many extras ...
no one else in the world can offer you that!

*only with ONLINE training


Our training is available ONLINE and WITH TRAINER. Here you will find the content and schedule of the training and what you get in addition.

What our training participants and customers say

"Hello, a quick feedback on my BASIC training. I did the practical part at *** and the theory online. I found the theory very good very detailed and very well explained.
I find you reassuring and serious. I have absolutely no regrets choosing your brand to practice tattoo removal.
Well done for your training!"

Amandine, cosmetician in Marseille, France

"I did the BASIC and then the PROFESSIONAL training a few years ago in Brussels. I am still discovering new applications as the two methods and the 3 serums give me great flexibility, even in complicated cases."

Jojo-Lita, tattoo artist in Toulouse, France


"The treatment has been very well received by my clients. It is not painful and the result of the removal is already visible right after the treatment. Great results and satisfied customers. Thank you SKINIAL!"

Aset, cosmetician in Moss, Norway

"The training was no problem for me. I already had my first client the following weekend. The quizzes after each chapter were very helpful. Thanks again!"

Élodie, cosmetician in Marseille, France


"WOW! I have really had a lot of training yet. Rarely is there such a detailed and complete online training. The exercises and tests make sure that you really learn the technique well. With the starter kit you can immediately do the first  treatments. I am more than satisfied with the results."

Joanne, cosmetician in Canada


"SKINIAL has been part of my standard offer for many years. I don't know of any method that achieves better results in removal or correction. SKINIAL is a reliable partner with whom I can offer my clients maximum security."

Marina Seel, cosmetician in Passau, Germany

"SKINIAL does not only sell a technique and the products. One is constantly supported further. Also when it comes to customer acquisition. My presence on the SKINIAL website brought me about 500 enquiries in one year. This turned into about 150 consultations and 50 treatments, and all this is in addition to my own search. This helps a lot in starting the activity."

Sylvain, cosmetician in Réunion, France