- Main focus: PERMANENT MAKE UP -


The content of ONLINE training and WITH TRAINER is identical. Consider which is the better training method for you.

Pros & Cons ONLINE training

Free, flexible time management. Learn whenever you feel like it.

Cost-effective training, no travel expenses, no wasted time.

Perfect for tattoo artists and pigmenters who already work with needles.

For side entrants without knowledge of skin and skin treatment rather not suitable.

Pros & Cons training WITH TRAINER

Each participant trains directly with their trainer one-2-one, it doesn't get more intense than that.

The trainer can respond to individual requests.

The price is higher by the cost of the trainer.

The information density is very high.

A fixed appointment must be arranged. Expenses for travel time and costs to the trainer arise.

The FADING technique is not difficult to learn. But if you have not worked with the needle before, or if you like to have a real trainer in front of you, you are better off with a "training WITH TRAINER".