Do you want to correct, remove or lighten your tattoo/PMU (cover-up)?

These are the advantages of tattoo removal without laser

No pain

No scars

Removes all colours

Few treatments

For small and medium-sized tattoos and PMU

Here is how it works

Our method uses the natural defences of the immune system in the skin. Similar to tattooing, we work with a micropigmentation device. Our mild serum causes the skin to release the pigmentation ink and repel it to the skin's surface. You see the results already during the treatment.

In three steps you reach your goal

1. Get a quote

Beauticians and tattoo artists near you offer the SKINIAL tattoo removal method. Choose a studio, upload a photo and send a request. The studio will answer you directly.

2. Clarification and answers to your questions in the studio.

If you are interested, make an appointment at the studio. They will answer all your questions free of charge and without obligation.

3. Treatment ... and your problem is solved

The studio will carry out the desired treatment. Give your skin enough time to regenerate. Look forward to your new tattoo-free skin or a new tattoo/PMU.

If you want to know more first, you will find all the answers on our website >>

Otherwise, enter your town/postcode in the map below and find a studio near you:

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