7 reasons why you should definitely work with Skinial

A method that really works

The Skinial method is a patented, purely cosmetic method that has been used since 2009 in 25 countries and over 500 studios with more than 7,000 treatments.

  • The color almost always disappears completely from the treated area after treatment. We do not just fade, we remove. Especially toxic colors should not stay in the body
  • We do not inject anything, and we do not go deep into the skin where the color is situated. We just rough the skin and massage in the liquid. The epidermis regenerates after 30 days.
  • The physiological removal fluid is absorbed by the body and easily processed
  • The body itself rejects the ink during the natural wound healing process.
Marina SeelPartner since 2012, cosmetician, MANNHEIM - Germany
"Skinial has been my standard offering for many years, and I do not know of a method for getting better correction or removal results,. Skinial is a reliable partner with whom I can provide maximum security for my clients."

Our most important document - the perfect declaration of consent

Our particular declaration of consent is comprehensive, clear and contains everything necessary for a legally binding declaration in several languages. Many other important documents are available for download too. The Skinial Method is recognized by many insurance companies.

Security for you and your customers

Our high-quality products are all safety-rated and registered in the European database CPNP. National Ministries of Health have thoroughly tested our removal product and our method and released it without reservation. No security for you without documentation! A secure upload is available on our intranet so that your treatment photos are never lost.

We constantly send new customers to you

Your studio presentation will be shown to hundreds of interested people regionally and nationally. You will receive continuous direct inquiries, often with the photo of customers who want to have your tattoo / PMU removed and ask for a quote. We also support you with brochures, Facebook posts and at trade fairs etc.

Sylvain SavaryPartner since 2016, ILE DE LA REUNION
"The presence on the Skinial website has brought me about 500 clients requests in a year, which resulted in about 150 consultations and 50 treatments. This is in addition to my own prospecting a real help to start my activity. "

We are also open at night

You can reach our e-shop around the clock, 7 days a week. With your shipping confirmation, you will receive a "tracking code" from DHL with which you can track the shipment of your goods.

If you need help, we are always there for you.

If nevertheless something does happen, our experts will help you with your expertise towards health authorities and in court. On the intranet you will find hundreds of before / after pictures, promotional material and hints for every little or big problem.

Silvia BrummerPartner since 2013, NIEDERBAYERN - Germany
"Anyone who has had a more difficult conflict with a client or a government agency is happy to have the full support of Skinial."