Tattoo removal København

Studio: Nova Beauty Clinic

Owner: Tarana Gousseinova

2400 København | 79 Tomsgårdsvej
T: 38276972 | M: tarana_g@hotmail.com

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This concerns all corrections and removals of tattoos, PMU and microblading.

We work with German-made removal products, which have been tested for safety since 2009, and with the proven SKINIAL treatment techniques.

Before a treatment, we will give you in-depth advice and explain every detail to you. We show you several before and after pictures of our previous work.

It is often difficult to say in advance whether one or more treatments will be necessary. It depends on several aspects. The size of the pigmentation plays a role, the location of the tattoo, the condition and sensitivity of your skin and the amount and type of pigment/colour in your skin. The more pigment in the skin, the more treatments may be required. Your practitioner has the experience to give you a realistic estimate of the possibility of removing or correcting the pigmentation in one or more treatments. *

A treatment usually lasts one hour. In order to avoid any complications in the treated area, it is advisable to protect the area after the treatment, not to expose it to the sun or water for a certain period of time and not to load it. Your treating practitioner will provide you with further information.

To avoid unwanted side effects, any subsequent treatments are carried out after a healing and resting period of 4 to 8 weeks.

Prices for treatments can vary from studio to studio. They are generally higher in the big cities than in the countryside. Before making an appointment, we will be happy to give you an initial estimate. For this we need the following from you:

  • Send us a photo of your pigmentation with your wishes and any additional questions using the above enquiry form to our studio. You will then quickly receive an initial estimate of the costs and number of treatments.
  • If you agree with the information received, make an appointment with us for a treatment. You can find our contact details at the top of the page.

Please fill in and I will send you info and initial assessment