Business with tattoo removal 

1. Offer your clients tattoo and PMU removal in your studio

Already after successful completion of the BASIC training (e.g. 10 hours online training) you can remove tattoos and PMU.

2. Become Tattoo Removal Trainer

Any training center can offer SKINIAL online tattoo removal training with one click. The way to the trainer for presence training is also not far.

3. Your brand on tattoo removal training and products

Offer your customers professional online removal training and products with your brand. (Private Label / Own Brands)

The training can be offered in any language, customization is also possible. The technology runs discreetly in the background on a server in the EU. Participants receive training and messages with your logo. We take care of the technology, including 24/7 hotline. You only need to install the link on your website. Sell and invoice your customers independently through your store. We produce for you and register your brand (CPNP).

4. License for SKINIAL products and training

Although we offer products and training worldwide, some markets cannot be handled from Germany due to customs duties, legal regulations, language and their size. For these countries we are looking for cooperation partners who manufacture our products under license and want to distribute SKINIAL exclusively in these countries or regions.

This concerns South America in particular Brazil, the USA, India, Turkey, China and the ASEAN states, Arab countries, Iran and South Africa, etc.

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