Remove, correct and fade small tattoos

The treatment of small tattoos is SKINIAL's speciality. We achieve good results and only need a few treatments regardless of how sensitive the treatment area is or what type and colour the tattoo is. The classic areas of application are the eyebrows, lip contours and eyelid, but also small tattoos on the face, neck or body. It mainly depends on the shape and the amount of pigments. Areas can be easily lightened. Names, lines or tribals, even with sizes around 20 cm, are easy to remove. Full-surface tattoos, whether small or large, are more difficult to remove.

After three treatments the tattoo was gone. Residual pigments disappear after a few months and the skin's appearance also normalises. The final photo was taken 3 months after the last treatment.

Pigmented beauty marks can be very deeply tattooed and difficult to remove. With one short treatment, the beauty mark was gone. The photo was taken 3 weeks later.

A small tattoo but the fingers are very delicate areas as it can never be kept still. Two treatments and the tattoo wasgone. The photo was taken a month later. 


A small tattoo on the foot on very sensitive skin. The colour is out after 3 treatments, but the skin still needs time to regenerate. Photo taken after 4 months.

A small optical correction. The line was removed in one treatment. The photo taken four weeks later.

Removal of a spelling mistake in one treatment. The photo was taken a month later.