Treatment strategies for Hypertrophic Scaring and Keloids

Mis-information about hypertrophic scars often exists particularly in the tabloid media, but also on health websites. Many answers to questions concerning hypertrophic scars still have to be scientifically researched. The following scientific report summarises very well what the scientific world knows today about this subject.

This scientific essay out of an English specialized medical magazine gives a complete overview (in English) about the today’s knowledge regarding hypertrophic and keloid scars. A group of famous dermatologists from Germany, the USA and Canada explain comprehensively and in every detail the reasons for the appearance of both types of scars, the complete process of the scaring to the remission and the involved biochemical processes as well as all methods of treatments we know today.

What qualifies this report is that the authors succeed to correct many popular misinterpretations, for example that more than 50 % of the keloids have genetic reasons or that most hypertrophic scars regress after approximately seven month and that the redness is a natural phenomena of wound healing depending on the individual healing ability of the Leon: The Professional 1994 streaming

For laymen this scientific report is certainly not easy to read but it is certainly the most complete and comprehensive explanation around this issue we have ever found.


Source: © The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research,

Online Adress:

Dol: 10.2119/molmed.2009.00153

Author: Gerd G Gauglitz; Hans C Korting, Tatiana Pavicic, Thomas Ruzicka und Marc G Jeschke