Body Tattoo and PMU/microblading removal training

SKINIAL offers you 2 types of trainings:


1. Non laser removal and corrections of permanent make up and microblading

  • Removal and correction on eyebrows, lips, eyeliner and eyelids
  • Removal and corrections of microblading on eyebrows 
Body Tattooentfernung

2. Non laser removal and corrections of body tattoos and permanent make up on body, face and head

  • Removal and correction of body tattoos
  • Removal and correction of permanent make up and microblading (eyebrows, lips, eye-liner, eyelids, cheek, ears, nose, scalp and neck)

Advantages of a SKINIAL tattoo removal training

  • At SKINIAL you will not only learn how to remove tattoos, but also how to deal with side effects, difficult tattoos, sensitive areas and master any difficult problem. We are available for you 24/7.
  • Imparting sound medical and comprehensive, cosmetic basics of tattoo removal
  • We already have 10 years experience in 27 countries and over 500 studios
  • We guarantee highest security for you and your customers
  • We provide you with new customers, exchange experiences with hundreds of studios worldwide and keep you up to date on the latest news in the industry

Cost of training to Tattoo Remover

PMU removal (time 1 day)

Removal and correction of permanent make up and microblading on the face – Only: lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, eyelid

Trainings in the UK: 990 €

Trainings in Malta: 850 € + TVA

Trainings in Australia: $2000 + GST

Trainings in Canada: $2995 + GST

Body tattoo and PMU removal (time 2 days)

Removal and correction of tattoos and permanent make up on face and body

Trainings in the UK: 1890 €

Trainings in Malta: 1800 € + TVA

Trainings in Australia: $4000 + GST

Trainings in Canada: $3990 + GST

All dates for a tattoo removal training in english

PMU removal training


26th June 2019

19th July 2019

16th August 2019

20th September 2019

Body Tattoo and PMU removal training


26th and 27th June 2019 

19th and 20th 2019

16th and 17th August 2019 

20th and 21st September 2019

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Participation in Skinial training is restricted to persons who are able to demonstrate that they have successfully completed an apprenticeship or other professional qualification in the cosmetic or medical fields, including applicants who can demonstrate several years’ practical experience in the field of permanent makeup.

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Additional information:

The training is the heart of our Skinial concept. We constantly revise and improve our records to stay up to date.

Tattoo removal with the Skinial method is not a hard-to-learn technique and you will be successful very quickly. It is a purely cosmetic method, but still hardly comparable to classical applications of cosmetics.

However, without sufficient basic knowledge of dermatology (skin diseases), anatomy (skin structure), histology (tissue science) and immunology (defense mechanisms of the body) and our years of experience in avoiding side effects, you will be able to do tattoo removal, but at Many phenomena or complaints that naturally occur during skin treatments can become unsafe and, if necessary, react incorrectly. In contrast to unproblematic decorative cosmetics, any wrong behavior can quickly become a big problem.

That's also why Skinial requires participants to already have some experience. You should have a cosmetic or medical education, but at least a long experience in skin care, hygiene or tattooing before enrolling in a laser tattoo removal procedure. This precaution is for your protection and that of your customers.

In that sense, Skinial Education is all about making you top-fit ​​for the treatment of tattoo removal without laser, so you know exactly what to do in each situation and know the boundaries between medicine and cosmetics.