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DOT method

The content

The knowledge of the FADING training is refreshed and supplemented by further medical aspects. You will learn the DOT technique and its practical application step by step. 

You will have mastered the basics of tattoo removal without laser and have already gained experience with the FADING technique. The course repeats and expands medical aspects of the treatment. Through practical exercises and videos of different applications, you will become familiar with the DOT technique step by step. You will learn all DOT applications on the face (eyebrows, lips, and eyelid) and on the body using practical examples. You will be taught the criteria that lead to good results, but you will also be shown the limitations of tattoo removal without laser.   

One of the strengths of this training is the practical teaching of our many years of experience with problematic treatments, side effects and dealing with difficult situations, which are rare but whose mastery makes an experienced practitioner. This enables you to recognize difficulties in advance and to avoid possible problems in good time.  

Removal made with 3 DOT treatments

Removal made with 3 DOT treatments

The objective

Learning the DOT method will enable you to remove any pigmentation from the treated areas immediately and in most cases completely, even from difficult and sensitive areas. After this training, you will be able to offer the right combination of two removal methods and three serums for every skin type and client request with excellent results. With this training, you will have all the knowledge of tattoo removal without laser that is currently available. No one else can offer your clients more expertise.  

This training is also a prerequisite for a future coaching position for SKINIAL.  

Costs and duration

The PROFESSIONAL online training costs € 695 (net) including a starter kit, which will be sent to you automatically. The PROFSSIONAL offline training with trainer and model costs € 995 (net) including a starter kit.  

You can start the online training immediately after paying the training fee. On average, the online training, which you can interrupt at any time, takes 30-40 hours. You have 20 weeks to complete the training. After a successful final exam, you will receive your certificate and all other extras (see below).  

For the offline training, you first select your SKINIAL trainer from a list and, after booking the training, contact him or her to arrange a suitable date for the one-day training in his or her studio. 

  • An absolute prerequisite for participation in the PROFESSIONAL training is that you have successfully completed the FADING training, as the PROFESSIONAL training builds on the basics of the FADING training.  
  • For the online PROFESSIONAL training you need internet access, an iPad or PC. A mobile phone is not suitable due to the small screen. Due to the intuitive menu navigation of the online training, it is also suitable for people who have no previous experience with online training. For the exercises in the training, you will need a removal device or a commercially available micropigmentation device. You will find a selection of suitable removal devices in our SKINIAL online shop.   
  • In the offline PROFESSIONAL training with trainer, all documents, materials, and the removal device are provided by the trainer.  
  • The SKINIAL DOT technique is a more complex technique than the FADING technique and should only be used by experienced practitioners. We have been working with this technique since 2009.   
  • It is the only technique in the world that can remove pigment in a single treatment. When used correctly, the risk of scarring is low.  
  • However, the result also depends on the constitution of the client and the correct aftercare of the treatment area.  
  • Our tried and tested consent form provides you with comprehensive protection for yourself and your clients.  
  • STARTER KIT - (1 bottle EX 3, 4 SCAR CARE CREAM flacons, 1 bottle MEDICLEAN) value € 159 will be sent to you.  
  • CERTIFICATE - "DOT METHODE" certificate with your name on it. 
  • DISCOUNTS - You will receive a voucher for € 200 and a one-time reduction of 20% for your first purchase.  
  • UPDATES - you will receive updates of your training and future changes free of charge.  











      1. Introduction 
      2. Repetition of basic knowledge 
      3. Differentiation DOT method - FADING method 
      4. The DOT technique  
      5. The PMU- Microblading DOT 
      6. The Body DOT 
      7. Before and after treatment and overall procedure   
      8. Side effects  
      9. BEST PRACTICE  
      10. Practical exercise  
      11. Final test  


* Refers to the online training. However, the offline training with trainer has similar content