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The Skinial Team consists of a small core team of different experienced talents from several European countries. With this configuration, we have a high degree of professionalism, know-how, skills and motivation to the development of a new business area in the rapidly growing spa / beauty and para-pharmaceutical segment.


The tattoo removal branch is still very young. Skinial is part of this branch and one of its pioneers. Since 2009 we treated more than 6.000 clients and got a huge experience in this field. With doctors on board in several countries, we cover the cosmetic and the medical field.

The philosophy

The basic reason for the success of Skinial is that the tattoo removal market is young, worldwide and just starting to develop a few years ago. It seems also to be unlimited in volume especially in the outlook of the comming years. Due to technical and medical limits, laser is at the top of its possible development and the client’s research more natural methods of removal today. The Skinial concept combines modern marketing and medical know how with pharmaceutical knowledge. It is flexible, quick and modern as it can be adapted to almost any conditions and partners. The exceptional profitability can be found on every level from the studio to the country managers. Skinial cooperates with scientific specialist in several countries and is a member of the recognized “European Society of Tattoo and Pigment Reseach (ESTP)”.

A spirit of pioneers in a creative, convivial atmosphere surrounds our partners and us. Every studio and every partner has huge expectations to the future development of the tattoo removal market and the worldwide leadership of Skinial.

Our mission

Skinial´s mission is to develop the laser-free tattoo removal industry worldwide.We strive to expand our concept internationally and to establish ourselves as the market leader, and ideally as a synonym for this industry.

We are aware that strong growth and the continuous development of the concept are not goals that can easily be achieved simultaneously without conflict. Only if we are able to grow rapidly and at once–by means of research and development–always remaining ahead of the game, will we succeed in making something big out of Skinial.

Big things must of course also work perfectly smooth in the smallest detail– we know this very well and therefore also involve ourselves directly in the operating business of treatments with our clients.

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