Training information REFRESHER WITH TRAINER

If you have not done any treatment for a long time for various reasons, it may be useful to have an experienced trainer show you the practical application of the FADING and/or the DOT technique. Those who still feel insecure after successfully completing an online training can perfect the practical application under supervision at this training.   

The training should enable you to overcome uncertainties and to be able to use one or both techniques correctly (again). 

You perform a complete treatment on a model. The treatment takes place at the trainer's premises. Some trainers are also willing to visit your studio. The trainer is guided entirely by your wishes. You decide which technique you want to use. There is no theoretical training. As a customer or former participant of a training course, you can view the current manuals and update your theoretical knowledge at any time in our SERVICE PORTAL.  

Only SKINIAL studios that have already successfully completed a SKINIAL training course in the past and can prove this to the trainer with their SKINIAL certificate can take part in this training course!     

This training is not suitable for learning a new SKINIAL technique, as there is no training program with exercises, but a refresher course on the practical skills of a treatment, individually designed for you.   

Please bring your own removal equipment for the treatment, suitable removal serum and care products for your model. It is your treatment, so you also must take care of organizing a client/model. The trainer will be happy to support you if you are missing products or there are problems with a treatment model.   

Depending on the country and the scope of the training offered, the trainer will determine the price together with you. Therefore, book the training directly with the trainer. You can then also arrange a date that suits you.  

Select a trainer from our SKINIAL list and contact them. You can reach the studio directly by email or phone or send a request using the form below. The trainer will then contact you.  

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