Training information BASIC WITH TRAINER

You find all information about the BASIC training WITH TRAINER in this video or in the text below. 

This tattoo removal training with trainer will enable you to lighten, remove or correct body tattoos, PMU (eyebrows and lips) and microblading with the FADING method. This technique is especially good for pigmentations with smaller quantities of ink and contiguous surfaces. 

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    Information about the BASIC training

    You will first learn the basics of tattoo removal in 13 varied online lessons through an e-learning course using videos, graphics, practical exercises, and detailed instructions.  

    You will learn which specific knowledge of anatomy, histology, dermatology, immunology, and wound healing is essential for tattoo removal. You will learn everything about the legal basis, the composition of pigment colors, the most important tattoo removal methods that exist worldwide, questions about safety for you and your clients and much more. 

    The FADING method is a very gentle and therefore safe method of tattoo removal, with a very low risk of unwanted side effects. Pigmentation can also be completely removed with this method. The larger the amount of pigment in the skin, the more likely it is that several treatments will be necessary until the color is completely removed.   

    After the online training of the basics, the practical training of several hours on one or more models follows in the studio with a trainer of your choice.  

    After successful completion of the practical part of the training with the trainer, you will receive an international certificate, a starter kit, a shopping voucher for 100€ and a discount voucher for 20%, which you can use for your next purchase in our online shop and much more. 

    Depending on the country, the equipment of the studio and the extent of the training, the prices of the practical training may vary. In particular, the number of models and the intensity of the practical training may differ from trainer to trainer. However, the high SKINIAL standards guarantee that you will perfectly master the FADING technique after the tattoo removal training. 

    Because we can fully cater to your needs during the practical tattoo removal training, this training must be booked directly with the trainer. You can then set the date yourself and arrange further details with the trainer.  

    Please select a trainer or training center from our SKINIAL trainer list below. You can reach our trainers directly by email or phone or send a request using the form below. You will then receive a call back from the trainer.  

    Anyone can book this training, without prerequisites, including lateral entrants.  

    All you need for the first part of the training (e-learning) is internet access and a printer. The practical part of the BASIC training takes place at the trainer's premises. There you will be provided with all documents, materials, and the removal device and one or more models will be organized for you. Please address any further questions regarding the organization of the training directly to the trainer.  

    Only after the training, when you treat your clients, do you need your own removal device. You can find suitable removal devices in our online shop. 

    The FADING technique is one of the safest tattoo removal treatments in the world. Side effects are extremely rare and are usually limited to itching or slight redness. The result is visible to the client during or immediately after the treatment. 

    After just a few days, there are usually no more treatment marks visible on the skin.  Our comprehensive consent form means security for you and your clients.    

    Examples of cosmetic tattoo removal without a laser using the FADING technique