Training information BASIC ONLINE

You find all information about the BASIC ONLINE training in this video or in the text below. 

This training is 100% online.

It will enable you to lighten, remove and correct body tattoos, PMU (eyebrows and lips) or microblading with the FADING method. This technique is especially good for pigmentations with smaller quantities of ink and contiguous surfaces. 

The FADING technique is not a difficult tattoo removal technique to learn. In particular, participants who already work with needles or a micropigmentation device will be able to learn it easily online, like hundreds of other participants before you. 

You will learn the basics of tattoo removal in 13 varied e-learning lessons with the help of videos, graphics, practical exercises and detailed instructions.  

You will learn which specific knowledge of anatomy, histology, dermatology, immunology and wound healing which is essential for tattoo removal. You will learn everything about the legal basis, the composition of pigment colors, the most important removal methods that exist worldwide, questions about safety for you and your clients and much more. 

The FADING method is a very gentle and therefore safe method of tattoo removal, with a very low risk of unwanted side effects. Pigmentation can also be completely removed with the method. The larger the amount of pigment in the skin, the more likely it is that several treatments will be necessary until the color is completely removed. 

This tattoo removal training costs 595 € plus VAT including a starter kit, which will be sent to you automatically after booking.   

Immediately after paying the training fee, you can start the training right away and stop and continue at any time. On average, the training takes 10-12 hours. After a successful final exam, you will receive your certificate of participation by mail, a shopping voucher for 100€ for our online shop, 20% discount on your first purchase and the access data to our removal fluids in the online shop and the SKINIAL portal as well as other extras.  

Anyone can book this tattoo removal training, with no prerequisites, including beginners. All you need is internet access and a printer. Only after the training, when you treat clients, do you need a removal device. You can find suitable removal devices in our online shop.  

The FADING technique is one of the safest tattoo removal treatments in the world. Side effects are extremely rare and are usually limited to itching or slight redness. The result is visible to the client during or immediately after the treatment. 

After just a few days, there are usually no more treatment marks visible on the skin. Our comprehensive consent form means security for you and your clients.    

Finally, our recommendation

Even if the technique looks simple and you already have a lot of professional experience, you will only achieve good results if you know the extensive background information and the specific medical basics. One focus of this training is therefore the integration of our unique, long-standing experience, as well as countless practical tips.   

After the training, you will be perfectly prepared for all imponderables, including rare occurrences during treatment. You will immediately recognize any non-normal reaction and be able to deal with it professionally.  

The reasons for successful tattoo removals are 70% due to the correct application of the method. All our products are safety rated and registered in the European database CPNP. The SKINIAL serums trigger the rejection, but without the perfect application of the treatment technique, even, good results are not possible.   

Benefit from the fact that we are the only company in the world that has been exclusively dedicated to the research of cosmetic tattoo removal for more than a decade.