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This concerns all corrections and removals of tattoos, PMU and microblading.

JB Beauté, innovative Quebec Company holds strong positions in several niche markets with particular strength in the field of aesthetics. Always looking for new trends on the market, we own 2 training studios located in Quebec Province and we are distributor of

We are the exclusive distributor of Skinial trainings and products – laser-free tattooing – for Canada.

Our mission is to transmit and share our expertise, passion and dynamism to the professional of beauty.

Our headquarters is located at 3330 Chemin Ste -Foy, Suite 100, in Quebec City, Canada and we own a business place located at 3455, de la Pinière, suite105 in the city of Terrebonne, Montréal area, Québec, Canada J6X 0A1. We also have regional offices.

Our high-level trainings are offered in a friendly atmosphere conducive to quick and effective learning.

Since 2013, we have offered more than 500 trainings and we get students from

different parts of Canada. Our company is recognized by the World Health Organization as well as by Health Canada. Moreover, our products are not tested on animals.

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