Scientific studies about tattoo removal

„What we know is a drop, what we don't know is an ocean"

– Isaac Newton – 

Finally, objective information about tattoo removal

When we first dealt with tattoo removal in 2009, we noticed that we could hardly find any objective information on the relevant topics. The information from the press was always very superficial and repeated mostly phrases that were similar elsewhere but were hardly helpful. Surprisingly, many sites offering tattoo removal services contained frighteningly little and often false information.

It was therefore extremely time-consuming for us to obtain reliable and reliable information for this topic, especially since many dermatologists did not deal with these topics in depth and therefore could not provide well-founded answers. Often, doctors who responded to the issue categorically rejected new methods of tattoo removal, especially those that were not practiced by medical doctors. That was not surprising for us, especially since these practices often contained old laser equipment. The laser lobby is still very active here, because many blog entries are very similar and are strikingly positive and uncritical written against laser.

Scientific information about tattoo removal

The attentive reader will quickly realize that while we are offering tattoo removal without a laser, we still allow predominantly independent scientists to speak. The newspaper articles on

various topics from all over the world give an impression of how these topics are seen in other countries and show tendencies that e.g. some topics in their countries are already much more openly discussed.

With our rubrics and text contributions, we want to contribute to the fact that each person can develop the relatively new field of tattoo removal in a more transparent and factual way. We're looking to educate in a hitherto intransparent industry, whether it's people removing tattoos, journalists looking to learn more about writing their articles, or doctors looking for science and resources.

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