Tattoo and pigment removal for beauticians, permanent make up artists and microbladers

Tattoo and pigment removal without a laser has become a natural part of the service offer of your professional group. Who pigmented must be able to correct and remove. Some profile themselves with the service, others use it only occasionally for correction or removal with own customers. Although the cosmetic activity is easy to learn, it is indispensable for your own safety and the safety of your clients that they acquire in-depth knowledge that we impart to you during the training. The activity is therefore only recommended for a commercial user and persons with cosmetic or medical previous knowledge (see also minimum requirements).

What can you expect:

  • PMU: Natural correction and / or complete removal of unwanted pigmentation, eyebrows and lips as well as lightening in preparation of pigmentation for new or overpigmentation. This method is less suitable for eyeliner and eyelids.
  • Body: Natural correction and / or complete removal of unwanted tattoos of all types and colors. Ideal for small and medium tattoos, less suitable for large surface tattoos.
  • The low investment in one-day training (PMU distance training) or two-day training (Body & PMU training) will pay for itself after only a few treatments.
  • With careful treatment and aftercare, there is little risk of side effects.

Before - After

Before - After

See the links below for more information on Permanent Make Up removal training and Body Tattoo & PMU removal training.

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