About This Studio

Rita Porreca joined the Skinial Non Laser Tattoo Removal  franchise in March 2013 adding it to her successful Cosmetic/medical tattooing clinic that has been established for over 25 years.  The clinic is in Five Dock, Sydney very close to the city. In her years of tattooing many clients asked about body tattoo removal but Rita was not convinced with the methods that were available until now.

Rita has been helping people with Cosmetic/ medical tattooing for over 25 years, however she felt that there must be more she can do to help people with their self-esteem, this is when Wendy Peters introduced her to Skinial Non Laser Tattoo Removal.

The truth is, self-confidence comes from how we feel inside and permeates out, Sydney Permanent make up had a dream to create a centre that provides personalized natural beauty and lasting cosmetic results.

Rita is very proud to be associated with Skinial Non Laser Tattoo Removal and their great removal system. You can email Rita with your photos for quotes or you can make an appointment at the SKINIAL FIVE DOCK, SYDNEY TATTOO REMOVAL CLINIC for a free consultation.

You have nothing to lose but your tattoo!!

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