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Skin Deep Clinic
58 Oyster Point Rd, Banora Point NSW 2486, Australia

Body Tattoo Removal & PMU removal

I have been offering Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattoo Procedures since 2007 and opened Skin Deep Clinic at Banora point in 2009 offering my services to both Northern New South Wales and Southern Gold Coast Clients.

I offer many services as part of my business on the Gold Coast, including Collagen Induction Therapy to reduce scars, sun damage and age spots. Hair replication, and scar camouflage for the consequences of Vitiligo, Alopecia and other skin conditions.

As a consequence of seeing so many clients I was often asked about removing tattoos, and felt there was a high demand for tattoo removal on the Gold Coast. I was keen to find an alternative to laser and discovered Skinial, the largest non-laser tattoo removal company worldwide.

The Skinial method which involves the use of a micro pigmentation machine for tattoo removal, uses a physiological lactic acid based liquid which appealed to me greatly as I have been using this kind of device for many years.

Whereas laser tattoo removal pushes the ink into the body, potentially putting a strain on the immune system (as the shattered particles can become toxic due to the heat used) Skinial Non-Laser tattoo removal takes the ink completely out of the skin, a much safer option for clients, and one I felt more comfortable with as my clients’ health is paramount.

Consultations are complementary and very thorough. A patch test is recommended to check for any allergic reaction although these are rare. It also shows the client that the ink really is completely removed from the skin in a single session!!

Skinial Gold Coast south is situated on the border of Queensland and Northern New South Wales, just a couple of kilometers from the South Tweed Exit from the M1 (Pacific Motorway).

I very much look forward to hearing from you!

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