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Body Tattoo Removal & PMU removal

I was trained in the Skinial Non Laser Tattoo & Permanent Makeup (PM) Removal System with Australia’s own Master Trainer – Deanne Carney on the Gold Coast in early 2018.

I’m a registered nurse with 39years extensive experience in the nursing industry. The Skinial Removal system and how it works using the body’s natural rejection process, to actually remove the ink from the body, really appealed to my nursing brain. It is much less painful than when you had the tattoo put on or by laser removal treatment (which does not remove all of the ink). Skinial does removethe ink from your body, which can contain many harmful particles.

This is another new and innovative service that I’m proud to be able to offer to my clients & the surrounding towns and areas of north western NSW. As we who live in these more remote areas of Australia know, it can be very costly and much more difficult to access such specialised services. So now I bring Skinial Non Laser Tattoo & PM Removal to YOU in Coonamble, western NSW!!

My Salon’s philosophy is:

Beauty &

Elegance is

About the

Uniqueness &

Tastefulness of


So I believe that by assisting my clients to remove those unwanted tattoos, I help them reach their own individual Best or Beauty, providing them with more self confidence and peace of mind.

Earth n Beauty offers my clients friendly, private and confidential services.

To make your appointment please contact me, on 0400 684358 by text or phone, or send me an email to my above address. Don’t forget to include the following details, so that I may give you a quote & make contact with you.

Required Details:

Size of the Tattoo: width & length in cms.

How old is the tattoo?

On what part of your body is the Tattoo?

Have you had any laser treatments to it?

If so, how many laser treatments has the tattoo had & when?

Has the tattooed area been touched up or re tattooed?

A photo of the tattoo.

Importantly your contact details. Mobile & email address.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you in removal of your unwanted tattoo in a safe, less expensive and less painful manner.

Lynne Waterford

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