Evelyn Orford

28 451 Gregory Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4006, Australien
M: brisbanecentral@skinial.com

Body Tattoo Removal & PMU removal

Evelyn Orford opened her Skinial Tattoo Removal studio in Brisbane CBD in 2013.

The first franchisee to join the Skinial Australasian family, Evelyn is a practicing Cosmetic and Paramedical Tattooist with 24 years experience in the art of Cosmetic Tattoo.

Evelyn has seen over the years (especially in recent times with the growth of the tattoo industry) many clients that now experience tattoo regret, and began looking for a safe and effective alternative to Laser to offer her clients when she came across the Skinial tattoo removal method developed in Germany by doctors and dermatologists.

An award winning Cosmetic Tattooist of many years experience with a background in the Beauty Industry, Evelyn started her own Beauty Salon & Day Spa in 1990. After a very successful sixteen years at the helm, sold her business to specialize exclusively in the field of Cosmetic Tattoo, which she has done for the last eight years. Being in the Tattoo industry she realised a very real need for an alternative method of removing ink form the skin.

Having researched Laser Tattoo Removal, the health implications, and effectiveness from this type of removal, Evelyn did not feel comfortable to practice Laser removal on her clients. On hearing about Skinial, she recognized the benefits of this new method immediately.

It was also a great compliment to her Cosmetic Tattoo business to be able to offer her clients (existing and new) a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos.

As with any Tattoo Removal process, patience is required together with strict client compliance with aftercare procedures which are imperative for success.

Skinial offers a method that can remove ink from the area treated, in most cases with one treatment and that is something quite revolutionary.

It is a non-toxic, non-allergenic, natural solution that removes tattoos safely and effectively.

Patch tests (normally one or two dots) are recommended prior to the initial full treatment. This allows the client to see the effectiveness of the Skinial method, gauge the natural healing process of the skin, and generally experience what is involved during the course of the tattoo removal process.

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