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Scientific study: Deposition of ink in lymph nodes

On September 12, 2017, a large international scientific study was published, which examined how the skin behaves towards different sized color particles (tattoo colors) and how and where they move in the body.

The result of the study is clear. The smaller the color particles were the more and faster they were stored in the local lymph nodes. There they were neither decomposed nor transported further. They damage the lymph by restricting its functioning. The more color is stored, the stronger the restriction and health risk.

This study has a very great importance as doctors are use increasingly powerful lasers for tattoo removal, which are characterized by the fact that the pigment particles are smashed even finer and smaller, at least if the laser treatment was successful. What is aesthetically desirable, has dramatic consequences for the health, because the partially toxic nanoparticles no longer leave the body and worsen the functioning of individual organs of the body with quite serious health consequences.

Enclosed you find the original scientific study in English per link.