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11 November 2022 in Background information

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal and National Authorities 

Legal basis and handling of authorities in cosmetic tattoo removal. Practical experience in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Holland, USA, South America, Asia and Africa.  
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27 July 2022 in Tips for professionals

Eyelid and eyeliner

Removing pigment from eyelids and eyeliner is easy with SKINIAL. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. What if you have artificial eyelashes? Is your eyesight at risk? Is the treatment painful?
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27 July 2022 in Tips for professionals

Small Tattoos and Name Tattoos

Does it matter in the removal or correction whether a small tattoo or a name tattoo is old or young, professionally or unprofessionally stung. Small tattoos and names on the face, fingers or neck and spelling mistakes.
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27 July 2022 in Tips for professionals

Remove or correct eyebrows

Eyebrow removal and correction is a classic at SKINIAL. Why does the pigment colour change in the first place? What to do? Correction or removal? What options are available to you?
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27 July 2022 in Background information

Why does the press often write negatively about natural, cosmetic tattoo removal without laser? 

The following excerpt from a current article on the topic of “tattoo removal” (7.2022) in the German magazine “joie” appears again and again in this or similar form in many
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12 July 2022 in Background information

Advantages for tattoo artists with cosmetic tattoo removal without laser

Cosmetic tattoo removal without laser with SKINIAL removes any type and any color from the skin with one or a few treatments. The treatment causes no pain and leaves no
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10 June 2022 in Tips for professionals

Removal of lip contours

How to achieve perfect lip contour removal  Lip correction is not a difficult treatment with SKINIAL. It doesn’t take long either. Even more than with eyebrows, the predominantly female clients
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25 January 2022 in Background information

Tattoo removal without laser – allowed or forbidden?

Background on why some believe tattoo removal without laser is allowed and some believe it is banned? Where do the rumours come from? The legal basis The situation in France
Bereits eine einzige Behandlung (s.o.) führt zur erwünschten Aufhellung ohne sichtbare Wunden. (Foto direkt nach der Behandlung aufgenommen) Read more +
17 June 2019 in Tips for professionals

Safely remove PMU on eyebrows and eyelid

Already a single treatment (see above) leads to the desired brightening without visible wounds. (Photo taken right after treatment) No visible wounds! Great results after only a few days! Gentle
15 May 2019 in Scientific studies

Scientific information concerning lactic acid

Milchsäure ist die am weitesten verbreitete Säure in der Natur. In der Form von Lactat ist es für den menschlichen Organismus ein normaler Bestandteil und wichtiges Zwischenprodukt im Stoffwechsel, zum
15 May 2019 in Scientific studies

Dr. Khaled Benokba speaks about hypertrophic scars and keloids

Wir fanden diesen interessanten medizinischen Bericht in einem französischen Blog für Mediziner mit einem Link zu einem Ort, an dem Dr. Khaled Benokba, ein plastischer Chirurg für Orthopädie und Traumatologie
15 May 2019 in Scientific studies

Scientific study: Deposition of ink in lymph nodes

Am 12. September 2017 wurde eine große internationals wissenschaftliche Studie veröffentlicht, die untersucht hat, wie die Haut sich gegenüber unterschiedlich große Farbpartikel (Tattoofarben) verhält.
15 May 2019 in Background information, Scientific studies

The authorities already know about the risk of cancer after Laser Tattoo removal

Es benötigte Jahre die medizinische Welt davon zu überzeugen, dass Laser-Tattoo-Entfernung die eigentliche Ursache für ein Krebsrisiko bei Tattoos ist.