Your brand on the removal training and products

It's easier than you think!

We add your label on our products.

We label the required products for you (3) and provide you with our tattoo removal training with your own logo and design. You can sell the training ONLINE or organize training WITH TRAINER.  

We take care of all the technology on secure servers in Europe with 24/7 hotline, logistics and product management in the background.  


You sell the new training on your website to your customers at your price. We only charge you a flat rate per participant.

We host the training on a neutral platform for you and guarantee constant technical accessibility. Safety is our top priority. We register your labelled products under your brand in the CPNP in Brussels and have an official safety assessment (PID Part B) made out in your company's name for the removal fluids. You will also receive the MSDS (safety data sheet). (Some security requirements are only required in the EU)

Currently, the training is available in German, French, English, Russian, Portuguese, and Croatian. Other languages are possible on request.

If you want to organise the training with a trainer, you (your trainer) log in to the neutral platform, pay a fee per participant. You can then download and conduct all training materials and the presentation at any location. Participants automatically receive a certificate designed by you upon completion of the online training. If desired, further services and messages can be integrated into the final email (e.g. goods vouchers etc. ...). In the case of "training with trainer", the training is only sent after approval by you or the trainer.

The prerequisite for conducting a training with trainer is that the trainer or you have successfully completed the training with us in advance and have acquired some practical experience with treatments. We do not sell removal products to untrained persons.

We already produce the products with your logo for small quantities (50). The entire creation of your training in your design and the products with your logo will cost you approx. 3,000 euros (one-off) depending on the effort required for your wishes. This also determines how quickly the project can be implemented. On average, we need approx. 1 - 3 months for this.