Usuwanie tatuaży i pigmentów dla artystów tatuażu

Usuwanie tatuażu i pigmentu bez użycia lasera powinno być naturalną częścią oferty usług studia tatuażu. Nie tylko dlatego, że zabieg laserem wykonywany jest praktycznie rozgrzanym żelazem, ale dlatego, że wiele zabiegów korekcji i usuwania za pomocą lasera nie są wykonalne ani zalecane.


  • As more and more tattoo artists also offer PMU, it is integrated in the course. You learn the natural correction and / or complete removal of unwanted tattoos, as well as the lightening of surfaces, tribals and lines on all body surfaces including sensitive, erotic sites, the head and even on cartilage. The sensation of pain is less than in the tattoo itself, because we do not penetrate into the dermis.
  • You can remove any kind of color and make the smallest corrections. In any case, once treated site can be over-tattooed again. The color (also toxic) leaves the skin to the outside.
  • Cover-Up Tattoos are thus more filigree and smaller possible, which gives you more artistic design options.
  • The method is well suited for small and medium-sized tattoos, but less suitable for large surface tattoos. In these cases, combinations with high quality laser removal are possible.
  • With careful treatment and aftercare, there is only a small risk of side effects for the customers.

Przed - Po zabiegu

Przed - Po zabiegu

Before - After removal - After Cover Up

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