Newsletter of 30 November

  View this email in your browser Dear *|FNAME|*, We hope you enjoyed the previous four newsletters. We would be pleased about praise and criticism. We are now changing the frequency of appearances to monthly rather than fortnightly, as good information and innovation take time. After all, we want to keep you informed and not

You speak french? Read the article about SKINIAL on the french magazine “BEAUTY FORUM”: CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE 

Tattoo entfernen Laser

Myth Laser: unmasked and dethroned

Not only footballers, singers and TV stars, but colorfully decorated arms, ornate with ornate calves, tigers, dragons, roses and characters on different areas of the skin or completely tattooed backs are widely used. Even in the general population tattoos are increasing and have been at a peak for years. For example, 15% of Germans already

Newsletter of 26th september

      View this email in your browser Dear Wendy, Today’s newsletter is exclusively about YOU! Is the information about your studiostill up to date on our SKINIAL page? Are you already a member of the official Facebook “SKINIAL Professionals” group? Do you know where to order all SKINIAL products? Please check the following three important points and

Newsletter of 13th september

      View this email in your browser Dear Wendy, Today is the day! Here is your free FADING EX training. A PMU / TATTOO removal “without worries” is the dream of every customer, but also the dream of every practitioner. SKINIAL’s new fading technology Fad-it-Safe® brings you a big step closer to this

Newsletter of 14th October 2019

  View this email in your browser Dear Wendy, We have developed a new product line at the request of SKINIAL Studios.  BODY-KIT                                       PMU-KIT                          

schonende Tattooentfernung ohne Laser

SKINIAL Article on

Currently in the blog of ProntoPro there is an interview to read in which CEO Klaus Böde was allowed to tell of the SKINIAL method. Thanks for the release! (article in german language): CLICK HERE TO READ THE ARTICLE

Bereits eine einzige Behandlung (s.o.) führt zur erwünschten Aufhellung ohne sichtbare Wunden. (Foto direkt nach der Behandlung aufgenommen)

Fading-Ex for the lightening of tattoos and PMU Already a single treatment (see above) leads to the desired brightening without visible wounds. (Photo taken right after treatment) No visible wounds! Great results after only a few days! Gentle removal. (Before After Picture: Already a single treatment (see above) leads to the desired brightening without visible

Lactic acid is the most widely occurring acid in nature. In the form of lactate it is a normal constituent of the human organism and an important intermediate product of metabolism, for example as a product of the breakdown of sugar through lactic acid fermentation. 

Über hypertrophe Narben und Keloide kursieren in den Medien viele FalsMis-information about hypertrophic scars often exists particularly in the tabloid media, but also on health websites. Many answers to questions concerning hypertrophic scars still have to be scientifically researched. The following scientific report summarises very well what the scientific world knows today about this subject.