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Lia Di Mauro

66301 Frankfurt | Limbacher Str. 5
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We offer:

Ο Removal                                                 Ο Permanent Make UP

Ο Correction                      OF                  Ο Microblading

Ο Fading                                                    Ο Body Tattoos

We help you remove unwanted pigmentation


We have specialized in the removal of tattoos without laser. We regularly take part in all SKINIAL training courses.  

Each treatment is preceded by a detailed consultation during which we show you several treatments by means of before-and-after pictures. For reasons of data protection, we have to refrain from showing them here. 

Please make an appointment for a non-binding consultation or treatment. A consultation usually takes half an hour, a treatment about one hour. We will be happy to answer all your questions.  

*General information and details about the different treatment options (removal, correction, fading) and the methods used for SKINIAL tattoo removal without laser can be found here.  


Treatment examples:

pmu valerie stifani
PMU removal
Tattooentfernung Buchstabe
Body Tattoo removal
PMU fading