Myth Laser: unmasked and dethroned

Not only footballers, singers and TV stars, but colorfully decorated arms, ornate with ornate calves, tigers, dragons, roses and characters on different areas of the skin or completely tattooed backs are widely used. Even in the general population tattoos are increasing and have been at a peak for years. For example, 15% of Germans already have a tattoo and 18% to 30% even 50%. With this ever-increasing number of tattoos, it’s no surprise that the number of tattoo artists is on the increase, and yet the waiting time for an appointment is getting longer. The same applies to beauticians who offer permanent make-up for eyebrows and lips.

As constant as the number of tattoos increases, so does the number of those who at some point no longer feel like the outdated antlers, the name of the ex in their arms, the intoxicated tiger or for professional or health reasons want or need to disconnect from your tattoo. The desire that the tattooed body should just be virgin and skin-colored again is great. But most of the questions remain, how does that work?

The first idea is still the long-praised and well-known laser for most people. He seems to be the panacea, with which tattoos can be removed easily, completely, painlessly and easily. But far from it. Contrary to the generally accepted positive opinion about laser tattoo removal, more and more negative side effects are becoming known and these are not limited to scars and dirty silhouettes. For example, the Federal Office for Risk Assessment in Germany has found in an investigation that tattoo removal with a laser almost always produces toxic and cell-destroying substances. The reason is not least the high heat of 900 degrees Celsius, which chemically changes and burns the color. Which negative long-term consequences this can cause, is so far not even for doctors to estimate exactly. However, it is no secret that these long-term consequences are probably not positive. And also the “fairy tale”, that with the laser tattoo removal the color pigments are really removed, is unmasked. In reality, the color pigments visible in a tattoo are only broken down into very small parts, which are then transported away by the lymph. However, not from the body, but primarily in the lymph nodes, where the tiny little color pigments are then stored forever. As a result, the function of the lymph usually deteriorates, which subsequently contributes to corresponding side effects, such as a worsened immune system. If this seems reasonable and logical, it is unfortunately still kept secret by many experts.

All the more pleasing against this background, the fact that there are now also good and health-friendly alternatives to the laser. One of them is SKINIAL, a natural-based method that removes unwanted tattoos and PMUs in a laser-free, non-hazardous, reliable and health-friendly way. Fortunately not only by doctors, but also by tattoo artists and beauticians who are still the number one contact person when it comes to removing tattoos or PMUs.

By using SKINIAL, both occupational groups not only secure an ingenious method of treatment, but also circumvent the somewhat strange laser treatment ban, which starts in mid-2020 (from then on, only doctors are allowed to work with lasers). In addition, with SKINIAL, tattoo artists and beauticians can expand their field of activity with a reliable and harmless cosmetic method for tattoo and PMU removal, thereby securing a steady and secure source of income in a rapidly growing market.

Start with SKINIAL as a strong and reliable partner on the side in your successful future. You will not only get a sound education, the possibility of continuous training, proven treatment methods and means, a broad network and a comprehensive support and advice on questions and problems of any kind. At SKINIAL you also benefit from a long-standing proven concept, which focuses on on safety and well-being – both for the user and for the treated.

Thus, SKINIAL offers both the most comprehensive training program in the still-young tattoo removal market and a purely natural and proven cosmetic product along with a patented and recognized treatment method. This unique combination promises tremendous success and so – depending on the wishes of the customer – usually after the first session at the treated site, the color pigments completely removed from the skin (and also from the body) or lightened the tattoo at least a few nuances. Even areas such as the eyebrows, which do not require a laser, can be treated without heat, without pain and usually without scars (link to blog) thanks to SKINIAL. The latter in particular if the customers follow the treatment recommendations and use the care products obtained after the treatment. Because these support a good wound healing and thus contribute significantly to a scar-free tattoo and PMU removal.