Skinial Tattoo and Permanent Make Up Removal Device S 400


The first body tattoo and Permanent Make Up removal device designed specifically for this application. It is a good, solid hand-held handpiece in high quality aluminum quality with stepless adjustment of the needle length. The modern LED display control unit, which is easy to operate and allows speeds of 50 to 250 strokes per minute, dispenses with all the bells and whistles and captivates by concentrating on the essentials. The set includes a practical holder of the control unit, which you can set up with strong magnets or suction cups. It holds on almost every surface. The single, sterile-packed cartridges are made of high-quality plastic with very little play and flat-cut 7 round needles for perfect results, which reduces the skin aggression and allows a gentle massage of the dots.
TIP: The device is originally a high-quality micropigmentation device and therefore also ideal for permanent make-up applications. Special Permanent Make Up Needles in sizes 1R with 0.3 mm diameter; 3RL with a diameter of 0.25 mm and 5RL with a diameter of 0.25 mm diameter are available.
Furthermore, the set box contains a high-quality tray for removal device and paint pots in metal casting, anthracite, in heavy design. It holds the treatment device slip-resistant and is stable even on smooth surfaces.
Of course you will receive a multilingual detailed instruction manual with each device.
890€ + 19%TVA