For your own safety, we do a compatibility test before any treatment to test for potential incompatibilities. The advantage is that you can see for yourself, before a major treatment, how fast and well the healing takes place and how well the color is removed. This compatibility test costs about 70 euros.

The price to remove a tattoo depends on the size and shape of the tattoo. Each studio itself sets the cost per treatment. A treatment takes about one hour, so our prices are not based on the size of the tattoo, but for each treatment is an amount of 150-200€/ $ 175.

Body Tattoo removal:

As a rule, 15 to a maximum of 20 dots (0.5 x 0.8 cm areas) are treated per treatment, each with a certain distance from each other. We distinguish three categories.

  • Name tattoo: texts, thin lines, simple drawings, little stars etc ...
    => Usually very accurate assessment of the number of treatments possible.


  • Tribal: Broad lines, smaller areas, where there is still a lot of skin without color within the tattoo.
    => Estimation of the number of treatments possible


  • Surface tattoo: Large or medium, continuous and completely covered with paint.
    => No or only inaccurate assessment of the number of treatments possible.

Permanent make-up removal:

The correction of permanent make up is usually completed with one or two treatments. However, complete removal of the eyebrows may require additional treatment in difficult cases. Basically, the removal of lip contours or eyebrows is category I (see above).