Pictures of the healing of a complete Skinial treatment (dot)

The complete Skinial treatment of a dot gives the same results on a small scale as a treatment with several dots and even several treatments, because everything always runs the same, but you can observe a dot cleaner. At the treated site, we can almost always completely remove the tattoo ink with a single treatment, regardless of the type and quality of the tattoo ink or tattoo. Small areas produce less surface chipping and therefore we treat several small areas of approximately 0.5 cm x 0.8 cm in size, the so-called dots.

As you can see very clearly in the pictures, only the uppermost layer of skin is removed, which in the end looks like it was only slightly abraded. After the patented removal liquid has dripped on, the tattoos dissolved color molecules are repelled to the skin surface and bound in the scab. Wound fluid and color that collect in the scab produce a black to dark red crust that falls off after a few days.

Among them, the new skin comes to light, which is initially thin and red, but gradually returns to the natural skin color. With careful follow-up, the healing can be significantly accelerated. UV radiation, friction, dirt and other harmful influences can also slow down healing and, in rare cases, cause inflammation and scarring.