How tattoo removal without laser has developed to this day with errors and deception

Development: Until a few years ago, tattoos and permanent make-up were only laser-removed. Alternative methods were known only to insiders. 10 to 15 years ago, the first serious alternatives to the laser began to develop tentatively, some of which have now established themselves as reputable providers. Clear European rules for tattoo removal without laser have been available since 2017. Authorities and dermatologists are increasingly discovering these gentler, safer methods that actually remove the color from the skin and not just distribute it throughout the body more scientific studies, also from Germany (Source: Office Fédéral Allemand d'Évaluation des Risques - Berlin) prove the long-term dangers of laser removal, which finally leads to stricter laws for laser users all over Europe and limitations of the circle of users.

Deception: As the new methods became more widely known, the laser lobby responded with blanket and wholly nonsensical reasoning that the acid-based treatments would cause scars which is an error. Since this blanket prejudice was a practical and effective deadly stroke, it was used primarily by laser users, especially physicians, to ward off unwelcome competition by deception. At the same time they praised the laser treatments as the only reasonable solution. The press also took over this claim again and again unchecked out of their own ignorance.

Lactic acid is not the cause of rarely occurring scars: Serious providers of tattoo removal without laser work long ago with skin-friendly methods and the acid is not aggressive which has already been confirmed by several ministries (BAG - Federal Office of Public Health FOPH, Bern, Swiss du 10.5.2010; and Ministry of Health and Youth of the Netherlands 13.6.2018), especially since it is only small-scale and applied in minimal doses. If handled properly by well-trained personnel, scars are normaly not created by the treatment itself.
Reasons for scaring: Nevertheless, one must warn against a big mistake. Even if the methods of reputable providers do not directly cause scars, scarring can occur, especially as a result of the circumstances of the removal. Laser burns, UV rays on unprotected skin, rubbing on clothing on fresh wounds, moisture or dirt infections, and poor or incorrect post-treatment are common causes of wound healing disorders that can lead to scars. However, this rarely has anything to do with the treatment itself. How fast a wound heals in a particular case therefore has less to do with the method used than with the individual state of the immune system, the personal health situation and genetic predisposition. These circumstances are crucial in determining whether a wound heals slowly or quickly, with or without a scar.

Wishful thinking and false promises: It is also often the wrong wishful thinking of the customers to believe that a "forever-lasting" tattoo or a permanent make-up can be removed in any case without visible skin damage. Unfortunately, this belief is often further promoted by the false promises of a few dubious providers.

Careful customer education: We therefore advocate careful clarification of each client prior to treatment on the basis of objective and scientific facts. Each client has to be informed about the opportunities and risks on the basis of a risk profile determined in the informational discussion. Only those who are properly informed and can realistically assess the risks will also be satisfied with the results and their distance. If in doubt, ask for more and read all the information that we have painstakingly collected over years on this website.

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