A tattoo is not graffiti

A tattoo is not graffiti and the human skin is not a wall of a houses. This principle must be aware of anyone who wants to remove a tattoo. So that SKINIAL can give you a realistic impression of which results are possible for your individual situation, we will conduct a detailed consultation with you in advance.

Customer expectations for tattoo removal are often very high. Many believe that tattoos of any size and position can be removed to make the skin look as it did before tattooing. However, this is the exception and can not be guaranteed by any method. Even a scar-free tattoo removal can not be guaranteed, because it depends much more on the individual skin properties and genetic requirements of the customer, as to the method used.

The skin is a living organ. Therefore, it responds to tattoo removal in each person differently. A good result is already valid if a tattoo can no longer be recognized as such after removal to a distance of one meter. In our detailed consultation before the start of treatment, your personal expectations and the achievable result will be discussed in detail with you.

With the vast majority of the tattoos that we were supposed to remove, after a while you could not see the former tattoo with the naked eye. Final results can be expected with small tattoos after two to three treatments, at the earliest after three quarters to a year. This is due to the waiting and healing times between treatments, which range from eight to ten weeks. Often the skin needs more time until the last redness has disappeared. In our experience, the redness almost always go away, but it can often take a long time due to various reasons. A larger tattoo needs a sometimes significantly longer period for the removal. The larger the tattoo, the greater the risk of visible scarring on removal.

On this page you will find typical examples of before - after pictures of our customers of tattoo removal and permanent make - up removal. Each Skinial studio archives its own treatment images, which you can view during the free and non-binding consultation. Ask for it!

PMU removal / correction

Before - After

Tattoo removal / correction

Before - After